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Property, Planning & Development

We understand the business objectives of our clients and work with them to achieve those objectives. We provide commercial advice based on our specialist knowledge of the property industry.

Property, Planning & Development

Unlike other firms, our Property, Planning & Development Group did not evolve as an add-on to other practice areas. Instead, it is one of our core practice groups. Our commercial savvy means we ‘see the deal’. We can pick the issues in the context of our client’s objectives to know when, and how best to compromise and make the right call.


Our expertise includes:

  • ownership and development structuring and finance
  • due diligence and acquisition
  • development and construction including sustainability
  • major projects and infrastructure
  • planning and environment issues, bio-diversity
  • land titling, subdivision and governance
  • leasing, liquor licensing, asset and building management
  • off-the-plan sales and development leasing
  • compulsory acquisition
  • retirement living
  • agribusiness and rural industries including water law
  • we have a thorough understanding of direct and indirect taxation issues and other government regulatory requirements relating to the acquisition, development and ownership of property.


We act for developers and landowners, acquiring authorities, superannuation funds, managed investment schemes, listed and unlisted corporations, banks and non-bank financiers, government departments and statutory authorities and local and overseas investors.

Recent Posts

24 April 2024 - Knowledge

NSW Government Bulletin: Climate risks in government property transactions

#Government, #Property, Planning & Development, #Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Climate-related risks affect almost every stakeholder in a property transaction. We look at two types of risks associated with purchasing and developing land during a climate crisis and how government lawyers can mitigate these risks.

17 April 2024 - Knowledge

Residential Focus: 19 April 2024

#Property, Planning & Development

We wrap-up the latest residential property news in NSW.

10 April 2024 - Knowledge

Residential Focus: Missing in action – what has become of the draft building reforms?

#Property, Planning & Development

We look at what has become of the proposed building reforms that were published in 2022.

09 April 2024 - Knowledge

Drone usage soars as councils consider their privacy obligations

#Property, Planning & Development

With the increasing number of Councils using drones for investigative and compliance purposes whilst exercising their statutory power of entry, it is important they familiarise themselves with the possible legal challenges.

04 April 2024 - Knowledge

Residential Focus

#Property, Planning & Development

We wrap-up the latest residential property news in NSW.

07 March 2024 - Knowledge

Residential Focus: Owner builder permit not required for benefit of statutory warranties

#Property, Planning & Development

The Supreme Court of NSW confirmed that individuals who do owner-builder work without obtaining a permit under the Home Building Act remain subject to the statutory warranties regardless of their non-compliance with the Act.

29 February 2024 - Knowledge

New housing provisions aimed at foreign investments

#Property, Planning & Development

We explore the revisions unveiled by the Australian Treasurer aimed at bolstering Australia's housing stock and providing affordable housing for Australians.

07 February 2024 - Knowledge

Residential Focus: New rules for building bonds

#Property, Planning & Development

The Strata Schemes Management Amendment Regulation 2024 commenced in January, introducing three changes to the building bond scheme. We provide a brief overview of these changes.

29 January 2024 - Knowledge

Building bond to increase from 1 February 2024

#Property, Planning & Development, #Construction, Infrastructure & Projects

From 1 February 2024, any building bond given on or after this date will be 3 per cent of the contract price for the building work. We look at the change and alternatives for developers.

24 January 2024 - Knowledge

NSW Government Bulletin summer edition: The more things change

#Government, #Data & Privacy, #Property, Planning & Development, #Workplace Relations & Safety

At the beginning of a new year of challenges, we refresh key concepts and skills to arm government lawyers for the year ahead.

06 December 2023 - Knowledge

Residential Focus: A new era for building reform

#Property, Planning & Development

As anticipated, the NSW Parliament has passed the Building Legislation Amendment Bill 2023, which will become the Building Legislation Amendment Act 2023 and is likely to commence in February 2024, subject to proclamation.

23 November 2023 - Knowledge

Residential Focus

#Property, Planning & Development

We wrap-up the latest residential property news in NSW.