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Property, Planning & Development

We understand the business objectives of our clients and work with them to achieve those objectives. We provide commercial advice based on our specialist knowledge of the property industry.

Property, Planning & Development

Unlike other firms, our Property, Planning & Development Group did not evolve as an add-on to other practice areas. Instead, it is one of our core practice groups. Our commercial savvy means we ‘see the deal’. We can pick the issues in the context of our client’s objectives to know when, and how best to compromise and make the right call.


Our expertise includes:

  • ownership and development structuring and finance
  • due diligence and acquisition
  • development and construction including sustainability
  • major projects and infrastructure
  • planning and environment issues, bio-diversity
  • land titling, subdivision and governance
  • leasing, liquor licensing, asset and building management
  • off-the-plan sales and development leasing
  • compulsory acquisition
  • retirement living
  • agribusiness and rural industries including water law
  • we have a thorough understanding of direct and indirect taxation issues and other government regulatory requirements relating to the acquisition, development and ownership of property.


We act for developers and landowners, acquiring authorities, superannuation funds, managed investment schemes, listed and unlisted corporations, banks and non-bank financiers, government departments and statutory authorities and local and overseas investors.

Recent Posts

20 September 2023 - Knowledge

NSW Budget 2023/24 – tax and duty changes revealed

#Property, Planning & Development, #Taxation, #Corporate & Commercial Law

The NSW Government has announced a number of changes to the Duties Act 1997 and Land Tax Management Act 1956 as part of its 23/24 Budget. The changes predominantly affect restructures of corporate entities and private unit trusts and are expected to deliver to the Budget $958.5 million over four years.

20 September 2023 - Knowledge

A balancing act: New termination process for uneconomic community title schemes

#Property, Planning & Development

We discuss the proposed reforms introduced to the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 (Qld), with a focus on the new termination process for uneconomic community title schemes.

13 September 2023 - Knowledge

Residential Focus

#Property, Planning & Development

We wrap-up the latest residential property news in NSW.

06 September 2023 - Knowledge

New Housing and Productivity Contribution and how it may affect your strata development

#Property, Planning & Development

When developing residential flat buildings, a developer will typically obtain a consent for the construction of the building, followed by a complying development certificate for strata subdivision. We examine how this process interacts with the Housing and Productivity Contribution for applications after 1 October 2023.

06 September 2023 - Knowledge

National Planning Reform Blueprint – the solution to Australia’s housing crisis?

#Property, Planning & Development, #Planning, Environment & Sustainability

The federal government’s National Planning Reform Blueprint is a multi-faceted central housing solution with planning, zoning and land allocation measures designed to improve housing supply and affordability. What are the key components and how could it be implemented?

29 August 2023 - Knowledge

Residential Focus: Section 54 and insurance required by the Home Building Act

#Property, Planning & Development

The recent decision in Drummond v Gordian Runoff Ltd is the latest iteration of the debate about whether section 54 of the Insurance Contracts Act, which prevents the decline of a late claim, but allows for a reduction for prejudice, operates in relation to insurance required the Home Building A

15 August 2023 - Knowledge

Residential Focus: What the future of the NSW building industry might look like

#Property, Planning & Development

The proposed reforming building laws in New South Wales will have a much wider impact than just on the residential sector. While we await the government’s decision, join our webinar as we explore the draft bills and discuss the details of the reform package.

02 August 2023 - Knowledge

Residential Focus: Licensing and insurance no bar to SOPA claim

#Property, Planning & Development

A recent decision in the District Court makes it clear that the Security of Payment Act is a powerful tool, not only for enforcing payments in ordinary circumstances, but also to sidestep conduct which would be considered disentitling to payments under the Home Building Act.

01 August 2023 - Knowledge

Operation Sandon: Reforms to local government and town planning in Victoria

#Property, Planning & Development, #Government

Following the release of its report on Operation Sandon, we look at IBAC’s recommendation to remove statutory planning responsibilities from local councillors in the context of a current focus on housing supply.

18 July 2023 - Knowledge

Residential Focus: Cladding claims, revisited

#Property, Planning & Development

The Court of Appeal has reversed a decision on a cladding claim, clarifying the position on what is necessary to prove in a cladding claim and the extent of the evidentiary onus.

05 July 2023 - Knowledge

Residential Focus: No change in exemption for automatic deemed registration under the mutual recognition scheme

#Property, Planning & Development

Amended in 2021, the Commonwealth’s mutual recognition scheme introduces automatic deemed registration (ADR), enabling holders of a valid occupational licence in their home state to work across jurisdictions simply, quickly and cheaply.

04 July 2023 - Knowledge

NSW Government Bulletin: HAP: A new approach to regional infrastructure contributions

#Government, #Property, Planning & Development, #Construction, Infrastructure & Projects

We look at the ‘housing and productivity contributions’ scheme introduced by the Minns government and how it may facilitate the provision of regional infrastructure that supports housing for a fast-growing population.