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Much more than a clerkship program

At Holding Redlich you’ll definitely do great law, but working here is so much more.

Our undergraduate and graduate programs are part of what sets us apart, and makes building your career at Holding Redlich a unique experience.

Our Undergraduate Program

Our undergraduate program is our alternative to the traditional short term clerkship programs offered by other firms. Our program begins in your penultimate year of studying (although we often recruit for the program at later dates) and requires a commitment of two days per week over the duration of the program.

Whether you complete the full two years of the program or join later you will be offered the opportunity to work across multiple practice groups where you will gain hands on practical experience. In addition, you will receive specialised training from experts in our Knowledge Centre to complete high quality research tasks for our practice groups firm-wide. Based out of the Knowledge Centre one day per week, you will be trained in correct legal research methods, relevant technology and firm style guides.

The experience you will gain as a part of this program will create the ideal pathway into our graduate program.

Our Graduate Program

As well as promoting a number of undergraduates into our graduate program, we also have opportunities for new candidates to apply who have not completed our programs previously. 

During the graduate program you will have the opportunity to participate in two six-month rotations within the firms practice groups, while the firm will support you in completing Practical Legal Training (PLT) during the program. We also provide a comprehensive learning and development program to prepare Graduates for admission and their first year of practice.

Applications for both our undergraduate and graduate programs will open in May/June of each year with a commencement date of the following February.


Applications for our undergraduate and graduate programs will open in May/June each year. At such time, we invite you to apply via our Careers Page.

Should you wish to register your interest prior to this time please click the 'Register now' link at the top of this page. 

Offers for both programs will be made in August each year.

Key Dates

Undergraduate Program/Graduate Program

May/JuneApplications for the undergraduate program will open for penultimate students to join the program. Applications for our graduate program will open.

AugustOffers made for both the undergraduate and graduate Program.

Undergraduate Program - Year 1: FebruaryUndergraduates join the firm and Rotation 1 begins.

Undergraduate Program - Year 1: AugustRotation 2 begins.

Undergraduate Program - Year 2: FebruaryRotation 3 begins.

Undergraduate Program- Year 2: AprilPriority offers made for graduate program.

Undergraduate Program - Year 2: AugustFinal rotation begins.

Graduate Program - Year 1: FebruaryCommence graduate program, Rotation 1.

Graduate Program - Year 1: AugustRotation 2 begins.

Graduate Program - Year 1: December1st year lawyer offers made.

Step 1

Show us what you’ve got

While strong academic performance and outstanding communication skills are a given, we’re looking for so much more.

We want you to:

  • have interests and experiences beyond your studies. We value the diversity of perspectives that this brings to our work
  • be problem solvers, and solution orientated. That’s how we add real value to our clients
  • be a team player and look for opportunities to collaborate. We’re better together
  • use initiative and drive your own career. We’ll help you build the career you want through training, feedback and ongoing development
  • believe in giving back. Our social justice focus is really important to us, and pro bono work is an important part of who we are.

Step 2

We want you

Our undergraduate program begins in February of your penultimate year of studies. Positions are advertised on our careers page and on university job portals in July and August.

We review all applications carefully and organise phone interviews with applicants who are shortlisted. Following this, you meet one of our partners and a senior lawyer. Then it’s time to meet a current graduate or junior lawyer who undertook the program to find out what it’s really like!

We aim to make offers prior to the Christmas break, and successful applicants then let us know their practice group preference for the first rotation.

Step 3

Let's work together

Our Undergraduate Program runs for your two final years of university. The Program enables you to complete rotations across our practice groups as well as in our Knowledge Centre. You’ll get real world experience of working in a large law firm as you move through each practice group.

By working in up to four different practice groups, you'll get hands-on legal experience across a broad range of contemporary legal practice which will help you start thinking about the areas of interest to you. 

We value feedback and it’s an important part of your development, so you’ll have regular feedback sessions as well as a formal review with Partners and the Head of our Knowledge Centre at the end of each rotation. The Program is flexible so you can manage your work and university commitments. You’re also able to increase your working days in semester breaks.

Step 4

Your journey continues

We ask for a minimum commitment from you of two days a week throughout the Program.

During the first year you’ll work one day a week, for the whole year, in our Knowledge Centre undertaking research across all of our practice groups. The second day will be working as a paralegal in one of our practice groups and you’ll have the opportunity to rotate through two practice groups, spending six months in each.

You’re able to let us know your preference of practice groups and, provided the groups have work for you, you’ll be allocated to them.

In your second year you’ll focus on the paralegal side, again rotating through two of our practice groups.

Step 5

Be the first to get an offer

The application process for clerkships and graduate programs is daunting and time-consuming. We aim to help you avoid the process completely! 

After working with us for a year in the Undergraduate Program, we aim to make our graduate offers early in the second year. If you choose to join us, you don’t have to worry about applying for anything else.

Step 6

Undergraduate to graduate

Once you accept an offer to move into the Graduate Program, your undergraduate work continues until your graduate contract begins. We get that you might want a break before starting as a graduate and that’s completely fine too!

On occasion we recruit Graduates directly and usually look to hire in September each year. Any roles will be advertised on our ‘Apply Now’ page.

As a graduate you join us in mid-February. During the graduate year you’ll complete your practical legal training.  During your 12 months as a graduate you’ll complete two six-month rotations across two practice groups. Again, we seek your practice group preferences and do everything we can to place you in the groups you choose. As with the undergraduate program, you’ll receive regular reviews throughout the year.

It’s our hope that our graduates become first-year lawyers with us, and we make those offers in December of your graduate year.

Step 7

You made it, you're a lawyer!

Congratulations! If you’ve successfully completed the program and accepted an offer as a first-year lawyer, you’ve made it!

1Show us what you've got


2We want you


3Let's work together

Two days per week
Paralegal & research work
Six monthly rotations (Two)

4Your journey continues

Two days per week
Paralegal work
Six monthly rotations (Two)

5Be the first to get an offer

Graduate offer

6Undergraduate to graduate

Full time
12 mth graduate contract
Six monthly rotations (Two)

7You made it, you're a lawyer!


  • Gain an understanding of work undertaken in different practice groups
  • You’ll get hands on legal experience 
  • Regular feedback sessions
  • Flexibility on working days to accommodate your study timetable
  • Early graduate offer
  • Opportunity to work additional days, as required, during semester breaks