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We hold regular seminars on a range of legal and business topics. You can find more details for the seminars and register here.

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20 Apr 21

Royal Commissions, Corruption Investigations and Commissions of Inquiry – Lessons learned from Lawyer X Royal Commission | Queensland Government seminar series

In this seminar we will provide you with an overview of the legislative framework for royal commissions, corruption investigations and commissions of inquiry, insights and lessons learned from Howard Rapke, who led the firm’s team acting as Solicitors Assisting the Royal Commission into the Management of Police Informants (Lawyer X) in Victoria and practical tips.

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23 Apr 21 - Cairns

2021 - New year, new opportunities and new projects workshop

In this workshop we look at recent events and explore the opportunities to facilitate projects and how to streamline the process in the new environment that we find ourselves in. Each of our presenters are experts in their fields and have a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to share to better facilitate project delivery more cost effectively and to avoid issues which could derail or significantly delay your project. This workshop is designed specifically for government employees and those working with government in the delivery of projects.

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28 Apr 21

Construction series | Design and Building Practitioners Act 2020 (NSW) (DBP Act) update

The bulk of the Design and Building Practitioners Act is due to commence on 1 July 2021. In the lead up to its commencement and with the imminent finalisation of the draft Regulation, we take a deep dive into the new requirements and what compliance will look like for design and building practitioners.

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20 May 21

Workpac and the Omnibus

In our upcoming seminar, join Holding Redlich’s Workplace Relations and Safety Partners, Charles Power and Ben Marshall, and Senior Associate, Hannah Dunai, as they discuss how the amendments seek to address the uncertainty around casual employment following the Workpac decisions of the Federal Court.

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08 Jun 21

Ports and procurement: modern slavery | 2021 Ports series

The Commonwealth modern slavery legislation requires large businesses, such as ports owners and users with an annual turnover of $100 million or more, to prepare annual, publicaly available modern slavery statements that identify risks in their supply chains. This presentation will give an overview of modern slavery and then identify unique issues for ports and the port sector in Australia based on our experience advising on this issue for this sector.

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22 Jun 21

What’s happening in renewables? | Queensland Government seminar series

In this seminar, we will provide you with an update on latest developments in the sector, including interesting projects and what is happening with hydrogen transmission and storage, an overview of government activity in the funding and regulatory space and topical legal issues and a case study of how a renewable energy project works in practice.

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27 Jul 21

Dealing with government boards and stakeholder management | Queensland Government seminar seiries

In this seminar we will provide you with: an understanding of the workings of government boards, insight into the interactions between those boards and key government stakeholders and tips and traps for effective stakeholder management at all levels of government

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03 Aug 21

The rise of hydrogen: threats and opportunities for port owners and operators | 2021 Ports series

Hydrogen as a fuel of the future is being discussed everywhere.  Many Australian ports look to governments for clarity on the policy framework around alternative fuel types because the financial outlay for connecting infrastructure can run into millions.  So what are Australian Government proposing? What opportunities are there for Australian ports in 2021, and how do you maximise them?  Where are the pitfalls?  This session will consider these issues and provide some practical insights. 

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24 Aug 21

Workplace Essentials – What’s new and what you need to know in pre-employment, suspension, investigations & discipline | Queensland Government seminar series

In this seminar, we will provide you with: pre-employment screening including potential disciplinary action and access to social media profiles, suspension update, Public Service Appeals – what’s new and how to write a bulletproof investigation report.

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14 Sep 21

Legal professional privilege for government lawyers | Queensland Government seminar series

This webinar will provide an overview of the fundamentals of legal professional privilege, including: what communications and documents does LPP apply to? what is the consequence of communications being subject to LPP? in what circumstances can the privilege be lost? what steps can your organisation take to protect LPP? some recent important cases and the implications for your organisation

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12 Oct 21

Data security and opportunities for Ports: what this means for you | 2021 Ports series

From health crises and vessel casualties to cyber-attacks, ports regularly find themselves responding to incidents over which they do not have complete control or responsibility. Despite this, port owners and operators have a critical role to play in managing such issues for themselves, port users and public stakeholders. We take a look at how port owners and operators might approach the preparation and management of these issues and their aftermath.  We will also look at how emerging technologies like block chain provide new opportunities for collaboration and increased efficiency.

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26 Oct 21

The Future of Privacy, RTI and Data | Queensland Government seminar series

In this seminar we will provide you with: a comparative summary of key current privacy regimes both local and global, insights on the latest data breaches and key lessons to be learned, a look to the future of privacy and data and an overview of recent developments and emerging issues for RTI

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07 Dec 21

Ports and competition: monopolies and misuse of market power | 2021 Ports series

Port are essential gateways for international trade. Often ‘natural monopolies’, once the exclusive domain of state control, ports have increasingly privatised and often with resulting controversy. This presentation will consider the competition challenges facing privatised as well as state owned ports.  These issues are especially timely, given growing calls (including vocally from the ACCC) for pricing regulation to be imposed on private port monopolies and the commencement by the ACCC of proceedings against a port for alleged misuse of market power.

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