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Payment Terms


Our professional fees and expenses are exclusive of GST. You must pay GST on our fees and, where applicable, expenses incurred on your behalf. The amount of GST payable will be included in our accounts which will be issued in the form of a tax invoice.

Billing and payment

Unless otherwise agreed, you consent to receiving bills from us by email sent to your usual email address and must pay our tax invoices within 14 days of receipt. Payments may be made by BPAY, cheque, credit card or by electronic transfer as set out on your invoice. 

If your tax invoice becomes overdue (and you have not agreed a payment plan with us) we may do any of the following:

  • stop providing services to you
  • terminate this agreement
  • charge interest on any amount outstanding for 30 days at the Cash Target Rate, as at the date our bill was given to you, increased by two percentage points. The Cash Target Rate means the percentage (or maximum percentage) stated by the Reserve Bank of Australia as the Cash Target Rate and is a benchmark rate of interest
  • take action to recover the amount owing plus interest
  • except as required by law, retain your documents and any money that we hold in our capacity as your solicitor until your account has been paid in full.

Notice of withdrawal of trust money

If money has been paid into our trust account for you, we give you notice that we will withdraw money from the trust and apply it towards payment of our legal costs that are owed, in accordance with the relevant legal profession regulations.

Notification of your rights

If you have any concern about our legal costs or our legal services, please speak to the billing partner responsible for your matter. If we cannot satisfactorily resolve your concern, you may have various avenues open to you.

In Vic and NSW

Provided that you are not a commercial or government client (as defined in the Legal Profession Uniform Law (Victoria) or the Legal Profession Uniform Law (NSW)(the Uniform Law)), you have the following rights:

  • request an itemised bill within 30 days after the date on which the legal costs became payable. We will provide an itemised bill at no charge. However, if you request an itemised bill and the total amount of the itemised bill exceeds the amount specified in the lump sum bill for the same matter, we may be able to recover the higher costs if the matter proceeds to a costs assessment under section 198 or a binding determination under section 292 of the Uniform Law
  • make a complaint to the office of the Legal Services Commissioner in NSW or the Victorian Legal Services Commissioner in Victoria under Division 1 Part 5.2 of the Uniform Law. A complaint must be made within 60 days after the costs become payable or 30 days if the bill is itemised. This time may be extended by four months provided you can satisfy the Commissioner that it is reasonable and fair to do so and we have not commenced proceedings for recovery of the costs. This applies to matters where the total bill for legal costs is less than $100,000 (indexed) or, where the amount is $100,000 or more, the amount of the legal costs in dispute is less than $10,000 (indexed)
  • apply to have our costs assessed under Division 7 of Chapter 4.3 of the Uniform Law. The application must be made within 12 months after the bill was given to you. An application can be made outside of this time if the designated tribunal determines that the circumstances of the delay make it fair and reasonable to do so. There is no monetary limitation on the amount of the legal costs in relation to a costs assessment before the designated tribunal.

In Qld and the ACT

Provided that you are not sophisticated client as defined in the Legal Profession Act 2007 (Qld) or the Legal Profession Act 2006 (ACT) you have the following rights:

  • request an itemised bill
  • discuss your concerns with us
  • have our costs assessed
  • apply to set aside our costs agreement.

There may be other avenues available in your State or Territory, such as mediation.

For more information about your rights, please read the fact sheet titled Your right to challenge legal costs. You can ask us for a copy, or obtain it from your local Law Society or Law Institute (or download it from their website).

Changes to invoices

Holding Redlich has introduced a change to the way you pay our invoices. Your invoice now displays updated BPAY details and EFT details. 

We are committed to limiting the risks of cyber fraud, both on our business and on you. Before you make any payments please call us and confirm our bank details.