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Much more than great law

At Holding Redlich, great law is our starting point
About Us

At Holding Redlich, great law is our starting point

Holding Redlich is a large national commercial law firm with offices in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns. We comprise more than 500 people, including 70 partners.

We provide solutions tailored to our clients’ needs, underpinned by the very best legal thinking and expert industry knowledge.

But it takes much more than great law to build enduring partnerships - our aim with every client.

We understand that our role is to look after our clients and their best interests.

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We provide solutions tailored to our clients’ needs

underpinned by the very best legal thinking and expert industry knowledge.

We have a personal stake in our clients' success

and a commitment to quality in everything we do for them.

We have an informal culture

which values respect and collaboration.

Holding Redlich announces promotion of 46 lawyers, including four to partner

Holding Redlich announces promotion of 46 lawyers, including four to partner

Congratulations to our 46 lawyers who are being promoted on 1 July 2022. The promotion includes four partners, five special counsel, 14 senior associates and 23 associates. These lawyers have contributed strongly to the firm's solid growth over the last 12 months. 


Recent Posts

28 September 2022 - Knowledge

NSW Government Bulletin

#Government, #Workplace Relations & Safety

In this edition, we provide a summary of the laws that regulate surveillance of employees and workplaces in NSW and how the Fair Work Commission has dealt with evidence obtained by surveillance.

27 September 2022 - Knowledge

Leaving things to chance: ‘Agreements to agree’ in leasing

#Dispute Resolution & Litigation

We look at a recent Supreme Court decision that delivered an interesting analysis of a promise by two contracting parties to ‘negotiate and agree’ an adjustment to their respective contractual rights and obligations due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

27 September 2022 - Knowledge

Court says to avoid ‘commercial nonsense’ when interpreting dispute resolution clauses

#Dispute Resolution & Litigation

A recent Supreme Court case in Queensland provides valuable insights into how dispute resolution clauses are interpreted and the court’s attitude towards parties attempting to circumvent these clauses.

27 September 2022 - Knowledge

Optus: When does a data breach lead to a breach of law?

#Data & Privacy

The recent Optus cyberattack has not only raised questions about how long telcos should be required to store personal data, but also whether a data breach or hack may lead to a breach of the Privacy Act or other laws. In this article, we discuss some of the factors that may determine whether a data breach leads to a violation of privacy laws.

26 September 2022 - Knowledge

‘Erroneous claims’ of legal professional privilege could pose a reputational risk for in-house counsel

#Dispute Resolution & Litigation, #Regulatory

In-house counsel are being reminded to take care when claiming legal professional privilege over documents after a recent inquiry found lawyers at an entertainment company made ‘erroneous claims’ of privilege over key documents.

26 September 2022 - Knowledge

Queensland Government Bulletin

#Government, #Workplace Relations & Safety

In this edition, we consider a recent decision of the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission that found an employer’s decision to allow an administrative support employee to work from home one day per week, rather than the requested two days per week, was fair and reasonable.

20 September 2022 - Knowledge

Dealing with protected employee complaints: General protections update

#Workplace Relations & Safety

Recent rulings of the Federal Court and Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia have clarified the scope of employee complaints protection under the Fair Work Act and provided more certainty as to how claims in this area will be determined.

20 September 2022 - Knowledge

Residential Focus

#Property, Planning & Development, #Construction, Infrastructure & Projects

In this edition, we put a spotlight on the commercial fit-out exception in the Design and Building Practitioners Regulation 2021.

20 September 2022 - Knowledge

Mandatory eConveyancing in Queensland from February 2023

#Property, Planning & Development

Under the new Land Title Regulation 2022, certain types of instruments and documents for property transactions in Queensland will need to be lodged or deposited through an Electronic Lodgement Network from 20 February 2023.

19 September 2022 - Knowledge

Court dismisses rigorous legal analysis and excessive formality for SOP adjudications

#Construction, Infrastructure & Projects

The Supreme Court of Victoria has dismissed an application to quash an adjudication determination because it found there was no jurisdictional error when the adjudicator decided to proceed with the adjudication under clause 9(2)(b) of the Security of Payment Act despite technical obligations.

19 September 2022 - Knowledge

The new federal government's plan to safeguard the Murray-Darling Basin

#Planning, Environment & Sustainability

The Australian Labor Party's plan to ‘future-proof’ Australia’s water resources includes a five-point plan to protect the Murray-Darling Basin. We consider this plan in its broader context.

18 September 2022 - Knowledge

Latent conditions in civil construction: Does a latent condition exist? (Part 1)

#Construction, Infrastructure & Projects

In this two-part series, we consider some of the guiding principles as to how a latent condition clause applies by revisiting a case between a construction company and an urban development authority.

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26 September 22 - Media Release

Holding Redlich awards Indigenous Law Scholarship to two James Cook University students

Holding Redlich announces two James Cook University undergraduate law students as recipients of its 2022 Indigenous Law Scholarship.

10 August 22 - In the News

Holding Redlich backs budding playwrights in Canberra Youth Theatre team-up

Holding Redlich has been named the principal sponsor for the Emerging Playwright Commission

04 August 22 - Media Release

Holding Redlich partners with Canberra Youth Theatre to support next generation of young playwrights

Holding Redlich and Canberra Youth Theatre have today announced a new long-term partnership, in which Holding Redlich will be the principal sponsor of the Emerging Playwright Commission for the next three years.