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We can help you manage your risk profile and guide you through the many uncertainties facing agribusinesses today.


Just as Australia’s mineral resources sector has become an indispensable component of Asia’s energy and resources mix, our national agribusiness sector faces an unparalleled opportunity for growth and investment by supplying those same markets with high yield, high quality food and fibre.


Our Agribusiness team has many years’ experience in all agribusiness industries including sugar, dairy, beef, sheep and horticulture. We have significant experience in mining issues and renewable energy (wind and solar).   
We have worked with processors and representative industry groups in interpreting new legislation and implementing required changes to contracts or resolving disputes in accordance with legislative requirements.
In addition, we specialise in intergenerational business transitions of family farming enterprises. 

Our expertise includes:

  • advising on vertical integration – becoming more than just a bulk commodities exporter by realising the benefits of value adding prior to export
  •  risk management – diversifying your interests by geography and commodity, and allocating risks between joint venture partners
  • infrastructure development and delivery, operation and maintenance
  • finance, mortgages, securities (real estate and personal property), insolvency and debt restructuring
  • pastoral and occupancy leasing and share-farming arrangements, and contracting out farm operations
  •  documenting partnership, trust and company structures for property ownership and management
  • statutory resumptions, mining interests, and compulsory acquisitions including valuation issues
  •  land titling including leasehold conversions and easements.


Our experience in realising this potential in the energy and resources context, coupled with our working knowledge of Australia’s agricultural sector and primary industries, puts us in a unique position to help clients turn that potential into commercial reality.

Recently, we have:

  • provided transactional, disposal and titling advice involving national plantation and forestry trusts
  • advised on structuring, acquiring and disposals of rural land and assets involving private and proprietary limited companies within the forestry, sugar and cattle industries in Queensland 
  • advised private clients in complex financial facilities and rural loan specific agreements, mortgage and personal property securities 
  • advised on leasing, licensing, indemnities and option agreements in the support of energy efficiency schemes surrounding solar and wind projects in Queensland 
  • negotiated pre-sale issues involving resumption and encroachment of rural land in Queensland
  • provided advice on contaminated and environmental rural land issues 
  • advised on transactional land transfers of rural family business assets.

Additional experience

  • Shanghai Zhongfu Group — advising on its bid to acquire agricultural land to establish a greenfield sugar industry in Western Australia and associated infrastructure
  • Olam International Limited — acting in respect of its Australian operations across various industry sectors including pulses and grains, almonds, cotton and in respect of  infrastructure projects such as the  Newcastle agri terminal
  • private equity participants — advising on various investments in agribusiness, including in diverse sectors such as fruit and vegetables, potatoes and wine
    • acting for listed European companies in respect of joint venture arrangements with Australian supermarkets for meat packaging
    • advising on large rural property acquisitions across Australia and including the purchase of rural water rights, both for private investors and for unlisted agribusiness funds.

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The Commonwealth Parliament has passed new legislation to streamline the regulation of agricultural and veterinary chemicals and establish a Governance Board for the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority.

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Electrical safety on the farm

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Awareness and enforcement of the Electrical Safety Act 2002 is as important on the farm as it is in the city. We explore steps farmers can take to ensure their workers are electrically safe.

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Use of chemicals in the workplace: Are you complying with Queensland’s work health safety laws?


Chemicals have long been used in primary production. But these chemicals can be dangerous and increased enforcement of Queensland's work health safety laws mean that the safe use, handling, and storage of chemicals in the workplace is more essential than ever.