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Our dedicated national procurement group provides services to a range of government and private sector commercial clients. 


Comprised of both Construction & Infrastructure, and Corporate & Commercial partners, our specialist procurement team can help you navigate this fast-changing, complex area.


In an area that is evolving quickly in our post COVID-world, we are adept at working with clients on complex procurement matters to short timeframes.

We provide the full range of front-end procurement and probity services, including drafting and implementing key project transaction documents, market soundings, industry briefings, expression of interest and tender processes, tenderer negotiations, tender evaluations, probity and advisory and project delivery. We pride ourselves on getting to know each project team, so that we can provide tailored, practical advice in a user-friendly way. 

Value for money is key in any business these days, and we try to ensure that our focus is, at all times, on quality, price, delivery and service to our clients.  This might be why we have so many long term clients that we still work with. 

We are across the latest trends and issues in the sector, ensuring that suppliers and contractors comply with ethical and sustainable business standards and practices. See our article here about the various models that are available for integrating sustainability into the procurement process.

We also implement strategies to assist your staff to apply and implement your procurement policies and procedures.

We also provide advice, assistance and training on recent can assist in your preparation for significant legislative and policy changes that may affect your procurement activities, including the following:


  • advising and assisting a large Queensland government owned corporation on the procurement of a major dredging and reclamation contract, including preparing tender documents, advising on tender evaluation issues and working closely with technical advisers
  • acting as Probity Advisor for Queensland Rail’s Commercial Out of Home Advertising tender
  • advised a large overseas developer on Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) procurement 
  • provided legal advice to the Commonwealth Government in relation to the Coal Sector Jobs Plan and Coal Mine Abatement Technology Support Package
  • provided probity advice for the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage. Appointed probity advisor for the Office’s Container Deposit Scheme
  • advised the Northern Territory Government on the development of the Marine Industry Park (a 160 hectare development in Darwin)
  • worked with Victoria University’s project managers as probity advisor on a first of its kind unsolicited proposal for the Victorian Police Centre Development Project
  • advised the City of Sydney council regarding its Green Square Project including preparing, developing, and delivering a presentation and workshop to council and relevant personnel. 

Recent Posts

13 September 2021 - Knowledge

Modern slavery risk in Australian international supply chains – are you managing your exposure?

#Transport, Shipping & Logistics, #Procurement

We discuss why it’s important your business complies with Australia’s modern slavery legislation and how you can manage your international supply chains to meet the required standards.

07 July 2021 - Knowledge

NSW Government Bulletin

#Government, #Procurement

The Australasian Procurement and Construction Council has commenced a process to professionalise public sector procurement in public sector jurisdictions across Australia and New Zealand. We take a look at the strategy and its implications.

17 June 2021 - Knowledge

Government procurement: Detecting and deterring bid rigging conduct

#Dispute Resolution & Litigation, #Competition & Consumer Law, #Government, #Procurement

With the ACCC’s recent enforcement action for “bid rigging” cartel conduct arising from government procurement activity, we provide tips for government lawyers to detect and deter such behaviour occurring on their next procurement.

08 June 2021 - Knowledge

How to detect and deter bid rigging conduct in government procurement

#Dispute Resolution & Litigation, #Competition & Consumer Law, #Government, #Procurement

With the ACCC’s recent enforcement action for “bid rigging” cartel conduct arising from government procurement activity, we provide tips for government lawyers to detect and deter such behaviour occurring on their next procurement.

09 April 2021 - Knowledge

The updated Commonwealth Procurement Rules: An emphasis on SMEs and sustainability

#Government, #Procurement

As 2021 moves full steam ahead, this note provides a quick reminder about some of the key updates to the Commonwealth Procurement Rules that took effect in December 2020. Those updates were largely targeted at making it easier for small and medium businesses to engage with relevant Commonwealth entities but also focus on sustainability.

08 April 2021 - Knowledge

Payment Times Reporting Act 2020 (Cth): A reminder about Australia’s new regime for reporting on payment times

#Government, #Procurement

The Payment Times Reporting Act 2020 (Cth) commenced on 1 January 2021. The Act introduces a scheme requiring large businesses and certain government enterprises to report on their payment terms and practices in relation to small business suppliers. Although not applicable to all Commonwealth entities, the underlying policy intent of the Act requires consideration.

09 December 2020 - Knowledge

Reputation takes a lifetime to build and one modern slavery statement to destroy


We revisit the all-important modern slavery reporting requirements as the maiden round of modern slavery statements are submitted to Australia’s Modern Slavery Register.

02 December 2020 - Knowledge

Commonly negotiated terms in construction contracts – what should parties focus on and trends in 2020

#Procurement, #Construction, Infrastructure & Projects

We look at the commonly most negotiated, most important and most disputed terms in construction contracts, as well as current trends in contract negotiation in 2020.

02 October 2020 - Knowledge

NSW Modern Slavery Act – road to a harmonised national reporting requirement?


The NSW Government has finally confirmed the path forward for the NSW Modern Slavery Act 2018 (NSW Act), with the intention being to harmonise the NSW Act with its Commonwealth counterpart.

09 September 2020 - Knowledge

Updating your procurement policies under the Local Government Act 2020 (Vic)

#Procurement, #Local Government

We examine how the new Local Government Act 2020 will impact local governments’ procurement process and policies.

11 August 2020 - Knowledge

Inducing another party to breach a contract – a rare but available cause of action


We illustrate how inducing a third party to breach a contract is an available cause of action in Australian common law through a recent dispute concerning a patented yoghurt container lid.

24 June 2020 - Knowledge

Is now the time for a change to “business as usual” in the construction industry?

#Construction, Infrastructure & Projects, #Procurement, #COVID-19

Disruptive events present opportunities for businesses to consider whether things can be done better. Now might be a suitable time for a change to contracting in the construction and infrastructure sector.