Lyn Nicholson is a General Counsel in the corporate and commercial group of Holding Redlich with a broad wealth of corporate and commercial experience. Lyn has significant expertise advising on complex corporate transactions.


Lyn’s commercial experience has focussed on intellectual property and information assets which have involved various technologies and regulatory regimes. Lyn’s experience includes developing and implementing privacy and information security policies and negotiating contracts for the exploitation of information assets. Lyn has significant experience in privacy and spam regulation.

Lyn advises on directors’ duties and a range of practical governance issues for both listed and unlisted companies.

Lyn advises clients on a range of corporate issues including: 

  • ASX Listing Rules
  • contractual issues
  • corporate governance and directors duties
  • Corporations Act advice
  • corporate and transactional issues arising on the exploitation of information assets
  • mergers and acquisitions and business structures
  • privacy and data protection.


16 May 2018 - Blog

Privacy in the Facebook age: is your business ready for the GDPR?

#Data & Privacy

The Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal dominated headlines for weeks. Public concern over digital privacy and data security is growing with every high profile data security breach. Businesses are being forced to adapt to an environment where individuals are aware that their personal data is valuable, vulnerable and, in many cases, commercially exploited by social media platforms and third parties.

15 May 2018 - Blog

NSW Goverment Bulletin - 15 May 2018


On 7 May the NSW Information and Privacy Commission issued a fact sheet on NSW public sector agencies and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR affects organisations outside of the European Union (EU) where those organisations either provide goods or services to, or monitor the behaviour of individuals in the EU.

24 April 2018 - Blog

Could you be fined for failing to train staff in using Excel correctly? A recent UK decision provides a salutary lesson

#Data & Privacy

A recent decision of the UK Information Commissioner has highlighted the risks for businesses who share information using Excel spreadsheets.