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Holding Redlich has a history of advising and acting for departments, agencies and councils across the three tiers of Government – Federal, State and local.


We have a proven track record of providing effective, responsive and reliable services to the public sector.


Holding Redlich considers that an expert, independent, and well-resourced public service is essential for good government, and we work with our public sector clients to assist them to achieve positive outcomes in the public interest.

Understanding government

Our deep understanding of government is fostered from our experience acting for all levels of government through our appointment to the Whole of Australian Government legal services panel; our position on the legal panels of the New South Wales Government, Victorian Government and Queensland Government; and advising more than 60 local councils across Australia.

We know that to properly understand the challenges in providing legal advice to government, a firm needs to possess a breadth of experience drawn from working internally for government and also externally for consumers of government services. Many of our lawyers have worked in senior positions in government, served on government owned or associated bodies and boards, have government experience gained from secondments, or have a long experience in acting for government.

This experience helps us to understand the unique challenges of the public sector, including the financial, ethical, legislative and policy frameworks within which government operates. We also understand that the legal position on any issue is only one part of the wider picture, as government manages a range of stakeholder interests.

Ability to assist government

Our National Government Law Practice fosters deeply interactive relationships with our government clients, delivering expert legal services and advice that addresses the above key factors. We develop strategies to appropriately manage the considerations and risks of matters, and at all times ensure our clients are protected and their reputation is maintained.

Holding Redlich is experienced in handling difficult and complex legal issues for government across the full spectrum, including:

  • statutory interpretation 
  • public law matters, including administrative law, privacy and freedom of information
  • merits review and Federal and Supreme Court judicial review proceedings
  • royal commissions, inquiries, investigations and independent reviews
  • significant and/or sensitive property transactions
  • disputes and contentious transactions
  • public sector employment, industrial relations and workplace health and safety
  • probity and procurement.

We act for a range of government entities and stakeholders, including departments, agencies, government-owned corporations, statutory authorities and ministers.

We are also actively involved in and support the Institute of Public Administration Australia.

Recent Posts

20 September 2023 - Knowledge

NSW Government Bulletin: Responding to the positive duty – AHRC releases guidelines

#Government, #Workplace Relations & Safety

The Australian Human Rights Commission’s recent guidelines provide employers with a framework to meet their positive duty to eliminate sexual harassment and other unlawful conduct. We summarise the guidelines and key questions government agencies need to consider.

06 September 2023 - Knowledge

NSW Government Bulletin: Unfair contract terms regime – key terms to review


Changes to the unfair contract terms regime in November 2023 may affect various government contracts. In this edition, we focus on the terms that could potentially be considered unfair under the reform and key clauses to review.

01 September 2023 - Knowledge

Queensland Government Bulletin: Queensland’s public sector whistleblowing laws – time for a new Act?


We discuss the key recommendations proposed in the recent Review of the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2010 report and the likely ramifications for public sector agencies if these recommendations are implemented.

24 August 2023 - Knowledge

NSW Government Bulletin: Supreme Court of NSW reminds contracting parties to follow the contract

#Government, #Construction, Infrastructure & Projects

As the purchaser of goods and services under innumerable contracts, government has a lot at stake if a contract is not implemented in accordance with its terms, whether that be for the smallest supply of goods or a major infrastructure project.

09 August 2023 - Knowledge

NSW Government Bulletin: Operational overload to strategic value – the world of contracts and commercial management

#Government, #Corporate & Commercial Law

After attending this week’s APAC Summit organised by the World Commerce & Contracting Association, partner Christine Lithgow shares key takeaways that public and private organisations should be across in their operations.

01 August 2023 - Knowledge

Operation Sandon: Reforms to local government and town planning in Victoria

#Property, Planning & Development, #Government

Following the release of its report on Operation Sandon, we look at IBAC’s recommendation to remove statutory planning responsibilities from local councillors in the context of a current focus on housing supply.

27 July 2023 - Knowledge

NSW Government Bulletin: Private and public nuisance in infrastructure development

#Government, #Transport, Shipping & Logistics

The NSW Supreme Court’s recent finding in a class action relating to the development of the Sydney Light Rail clarifies what constitutes a private nuisance claim and highlights key considerations for infrastructure principals as they plan and establish future projects.

13 July 2023 - Knowledge

NSW Government Bulletin: The mandatory criteria in unfair dismissal applications

#Government, #Workplace Relations & Safety

A recent case highlights the need to ensure the FWC addresses all the mandatory criteria in its decision-making process and provides relevant lessons for employers to consider when dealing with dismissals.

04 July 2023 - Knowledge

NSW Government Bulletin: HAP: A new approach to regional infrastructure contributions

#Government, #Property, Planning & Development, #Construction, Infrastructure & Projects

We look at the ‘housing and productivity contributions’ scheme introduced by the Minns government and how it may facilitate the provision of regional infrastructure that supports housing for a fast-growing population.

26 June 2023 - Knowledge

Top 10 tips for participants in the DATA Scheme

#Corporate & Commercial Law, #Government, #Data & Privacy

The National Data Commissioner has registered the first accredited users under the Data Availability and Transparency Act 2022. We share 10 tips to help participants prepare their organisation for the DATA Scheme.

14 June 2023 - Knowledge

NSW Government Bulletin: Strengthened accountability to stop ‘Pork Barrelling’


The recent GSFA Bill passed by the NSW Government sees strengthened accountability in the use of public funds by Ministers and government staff.

01 June 2023 - Knowledge

NSW Government Bulletin: Recent developments in rail

#Government, #Property, Planning & Development, #Transport, Shipping & Logistics, #Construction, Infrastructure & Projects

With the imminent launch of the High Speed Rail Authority, we look into some of the thinking behind it, as well as the recent reviews into Inland Rail and Sydney Trains to identify common themes.