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Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Clients bring their most challenging and pressing problems to Holding Redlich.

Dispute Resolution & Litigation

We seek solutions through mediation, negotiation and other dispute resolution techniques to achieve the outcomes our clients want and need. We provide cost-effective service with a strict policy of ‘no surprises’. We have litigated every conceivable type of civil and regulatory dispute, from ‘bet-the-company’ litigation and the largest commercial disputes, to disputes involving private individuals and their businesses


We can litigate in any court, are skilled in arbitration, expert determination and representing clients before commissions of inquiry and other official investigations.  

We have collaborated with Law Exchange International on a publication covering the enforcement of foreign judgements. Click to view our questions and answers on Enforcing foreign judgments in Australia.


  • the firm has a thriving intellectual property and communications law litigation practice and has been particularly successful in protecting confidential information, patent, trade mark and technology rights for clients
  • the firm has represented numerous accounting and other professional firms in professional liability and other litigation. Holding Redlich is a ‘go to’ firm for some of the largest professional firms in Australia
  • the firm has a strong reputation for representing government at all levels and government owned corporations.

Recent Posts

09 April 2021 - Knowledge

Enforcing foreign judgments

#Dispute Resolution & Litigation

In collaboration with Law Exchange International, in particular Canadian law firm Loopstra Nixon, we address below various questions relating to the enforcement of foreign judgments.

09 April 2021 - Knowledge

Model litigant obligations

#Government, #Dispute Resolution & Litigation, #Local Government

We examine the Commonwealth government's model litigant obligations, how these obligations are enforced and provide some key tips to help government lawyers comply with these obligations.

06 April 2021 - Knowledge

Professional gaming — no longer something to 'LoL' about: Some IP implications of the eSports industry

#Intellectual Property, #Dispute Resolution & Litigation

eSports is a booming industry, however, many of the legal issues surrounding eSports are in their legal infancy. In this article, we consider some of the applicable intellectual property rights and their application for both developers and professional gamers.

31 March 2021 - Knowledge

Public interest immunity: Tips and traps

#Government, #Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Following a recent Federal Court decision in an ACCC proceeding, we provide guidance to government lawyers claiming public interest immunity over Cabinet documents.

24 March 2021 - Knowledge

Corporate crime, anti-bribery and corruption in Australia – March 2021 quarterly update

#Dispute Resolution & Litigation, #Royal Commissions & Commissions of Inquiry

We highlight some of the key legislative updates and other legal developments in the Australian corporate crime and anti-bribery space in the last quarter, including the latest on the Crown Resorts Inquiries.

12 March 2021 - Knowledge

Model litigant obligations

#Dispute Resolution & Litigation, #Government, #Local Government

We examine the Government's model litigant obligations, how these obligations are enforced and provide some key tips to help government lawyers comply with these obligations.

10 February 2021 - Knowledge

Are foreign arbitration clauses in an online contract enforceable?

#Dispute Resolution & Litigation

The recent case between Instagram and Australian tech company Dialogue Consulting demonstrates that foreign arbitration clauses incorporated into online contracts will be binding.

10 February 2021 - Knowledge

When the general becomes personal – Westpac, ASIC and the meaning of personal advice

#Superannuation, Funds Management & Financial Services, #Dispute Resolution & Litigation

The High Court has clarified what constitutes personal financial product advice in an important decision for the financial services industry and retail consumers.

02 February 2021 - Knowledge

A guide to managing large and complex disputes

#Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Our commercial litigation experts set out key strategies to help organisations manage large commercial disputes, regulatory investigations and royal commissions.

21 December 2020 - Knowledge

Another round of COVID-19 retail leasing and commercial leasing laws

#Property, Planning & Development, #Dispute Resolution & Litigation, #COVID-19

NSW’s COVID-19 leasing laws are again being extended. Uncannily, this coincides with increases in community COVID-19 and state borders closing.

18 December 2020 - Knowledge

Emerging from COVID-19: Key insolvency reforms to commence in 2021 for small businesses

#Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency, #Dispute Resolution & Litigation, #COVID-19

From 1 January 2021, small businesses impacted by COVID-19 will be entitled to assisted restructuring and simplified liquidation processes under the federal government’s new Insolvency Reform Act.

16 December 2020 - Knowledge

Quarterly update: Corporate crime, anti-bribery and corruption in Australia

#Dispute Resolution & Litigation

We provide a summary of recent legislative reforms, reviews and cases in the corporate crime and anti-bribery sphere over past quarter.