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Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Clients bring their most challenging and pressing problems to Holding Redlich.

Dispute Resolution & Litigation

We seek solutions through mediation, negotiation and other dispute resolution techniques to achieve the outcomes our clients want and need. We provide cost-effective service with a strict policy of ‘no surprises’. We have litigated every conceivable type of civil and regulatory dispute, from ‘bet-the-company’ litigation and the largest commercial disputes, to disputes involving private individuals and their businesses


We can litigate in any court, are skilled in arbitration, expert determination and representing clients before commissions of inquiry and other official investigations.  


  • the firm has a thriving intellectual property and communications law litigation practice and has been particularly successful in protecting confidential information, patent, trade mark and technology rights for clients
  • the firm has represented numerous accounting and other professional firms in professional liability and other litigation. Holding Redlich is a ‘go to’ firm for some of the largest professional firms in Australia
  • the firm has a strong reputation for representing government at all levels and government owned corporations.

Recent Posts

26 May 2020 - Knowledge

Will longer landlord lockouts become the new norm?

#Dispute Resolution & Litigation, #Property & Real Estate, #COVID-19

In two recent decisions, the Federal Court has allowed administrators to continue to occupy leased premises rent-free for an extra month. Should landlords be worried that this trend will continue? Whilst the decisions were undoubtedly made in the extraordinary circumstances of COVID-19, it is not difficult to see a precedent being established with similar orders being made more frequently in the future.

20 May 2020 - Knowledge

The end of the beginning: How will the ‘new normal’ affect businesses’ consumer law obligations?

#Dispute Resolution & Litigation, #COVID-19

A recent ACCC penalty against BUPA is a timely warning against fees for no service in the post-COVID era.

13 May 2020 - Knowledge

Update: Retail and commercial leases in the ACT and COVID-19 – regulations

#Property & Real Estate, #Dispute Resolution & Litigation, #COVID-19

On 12 May 2020, the ACT Government published a Declaration with respect to retail and commercial leases which gives effect to the National Cabinet's Mandatory Code of Conduct. In this article, we explain the key points of the Declaration and the matters which ACT landlords and tenants should be mindful of.

04 May 2020 - Knowledge

Resolving financial lines insurance disputes in uncertain times: Is the Federal Court’s “short matters” insurance list the answer?

#Dispute Resolution & Litigation, #COVID-19

We take a close look at the benefits of the insurance list in the Federal Court as a quick and clear means for the business world to resolve insurance issues and explain how it works and how it could be used.

04 May 2020 - Knowledge

Update: Retail or commercial leases in Victoria and COVID-19 – regulations

#Property & Real Estate, #Dispute Resolution & Litigation, #COVID-19

On 1 May 2020, following the recent enactment of the COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) Act in April, the Victorian Government has published regulations with respect to commercial leases and licences which give effect to the National Cabinet’s Mandatory Code of Conduct.

29 April 2020 - Knowledge

Update: NSW’s COVID-19 retail and commercial leasing laws

#Property & Real Estate, #Dispute Resolution & Litigation, #COVID-19

The NSW Government has now passed laws affecting retail leases in NSW. This includes a schedule in the Conveyancing Act’s regulations that also applies to commercial leases more generally.

28 April 2020 - Knowledge

Arrangements in the Federal Court during COVID-19

#Dispute Resolution & Litigation, #COVID-19

We look at some of the special measures currently in place for the continued operation of the Federal Court during the pandemic.

21 April 2020 - Knowledge

SA and WA lead the way with legislation to start giving effect to the Leasing Code

#Property & Real Estate, #Dispute Resolution & Litigation, #COVID-19

On 3 April 2020, the National Cabinet announced a Mandatory Code of Conduct for dealings between landlords and tenants during the COVID-19 pandemic, which we discussed in a previous article.

16 April 2020 - Knowledge

COVID-19: Directors and Officers insurance after the dust settles

#Dispute Resolution & Litigation, #COVID-19

Directors and Officers insurance policies provide protection for company board members, executives and managers from claims arising from their decisions and actions within the scope of their regular duties.

01 April 2020 - Knowledge

Land tax deferral – a relief for land owners during COVID-19

#Property & Real Estate, #Dispute Resolution & Litigation, #COVID-19

In a bid to support businesses in the current climate, the Victorian Government is now giving eligible land owners the option to defer their 2020 land tax payment until 1 January 2021.

01 April 2020 - Knowledge

Trading through the corona crisis: Practical steps to help protect businesses

#Dispute Resolution & Litigation, #COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak is wreaking havoc on businesses and exposing a number of internal issues. We address critical business housekeeping matters that may protect your business under current circumstances.

24 March 2020 - Knowledge

Immediate injunctive relief during the shutdown period

#Dispute Resolution & Litigation, #COVID-19

Historically, times of wide-spread financial stress can increase the chance that decision-making by your commercial counterparties may be more inwardly focused, lacking consideration for your commercial interests and legal rights. This may lead to a requirement to bring or defend legal action urgently to protect your own interests by seeking orders for immediate injunctive relief.