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Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Clients bring their most challenging and pressing problems to Holding Redlich.

Dispute Resolution & Litigation

We seek solutions through mediation, negotiation and other dispute resolution techniques to achieve the outcomes our clients want and need. We provide cost-effective service with a strict policy of ‘no surprises’. We have litigated every conceivable type of civil and regulatory dispute, from ‘bet-the-company’ litigation and the largest commercial disputes, to disputes involving private individuals and their businesses


We can litigate in any court, are skilled in arbitration, expert determination and representing clients before commissions of inquiry and other official investigations.  


  • the firm has a thriving intellectual property and communications law litigation practice and has been particularly successful in protecting confidential information, patent, trade mark and technology rights for clients
  • the firm has represented numerous accounting and other professional firms in professional liability and other litigation. Holding Redlich is a ‘go to’ firm for some of the largest professional firms in Australia
  • the firm has a strong reputation for representing government at all levels and government owned corporations.

Recent Posts

21 October 2020 - Knowledge

Corporate crime in Australia 2020

#Dispute Resolution & Litigation

We provide a snapshot of recent changes that may impact Australia’s corporate crime regime, including proposed legislative reforms and a review by the Australian Law Reform Commission.

21 October 2020 - Knowledge

Defamation claims: Can a conditional apology avoid aggravated damages?

#Dispute Resolution & Litigation

According to a recent Queensland Court of Appeal decision, a conditional apology may reduce the likelihood of a plaintiff being awarded aggravated damages where the defendant denies conveying defamatory imputation.

14 October 2020 - Knowledge

COVID-19 and the virtual courtroom – is technology a friend or foe?

#Dispute Resolution & Litigation, #COVID-19

We consider the range of steps taken by Australian courts and the legal profession broadly to utilise technology in this unprecedented era, and analyse the benefits and challenges of the 'virtual courtroom'.

07 October 2020 - Knowledge

Sport is big business – what are some key risk areas?

#Dispute Resolution & Litigation

We outline some of the legal issues in four key risk areas that sporting organisations and professional athletes need to be aware of when engaging in sports business.

06 October 2020 - Knowledge

COVID-19 and business interruption insurance claims in Australia – what you should know

#Dispute Resolution & Litigation, #COVID-19

Companies and businesses should check their insurance policy wording carefully. Not all pandemic exclusions may be valid and ought to be challenged.

06 October 2020 - Knowledge

Ignorance is not bliss in a pro-arbitration jurisdiction – the enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in Australia

#Dispute Resolution & Litigation

A recent Federal Court case demonstrates that Australian courts are cautious to intervene in an arbitration process even if a ground for setting aside a foreign award may be established.

15 September 2020 - Knowledge

Disputes over dispute resolution clauses – how to avoid ‘commercial nonsense’

#Dispute Resolution & Litigation, #Corporate & Commercial Law

Dispute resolution clauses in contracts are routinely overlooked. We examine a series of recent NSW Supreme Court of Appeal decisions that demonstrate how poorly drafted clauses can become the subject of dispute.

07 September 2020 - Knowledge

Treasury confirms insolvency safeguards extended

#Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency, #Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Insolvency and bankruptcy protections slated to conclude in September have been extended until 31 December 2020.

02 September 2020 - Knowledge

Transitioning from the COVID leasing protections – Sneakerboy reveals some issues

#Dispute Resolution & Litigation, #COVID-19, #Property & Real Estate

Rolling back the COVID leasing laws may not be smooth, especially where lease terms are yet to be renegotiated.

26 August 2020 - Knowledge

Federal Court confirms high bar for misfeasance in public office

#Dispute Resolution & Litigation

We examine a recent decision of the Federal Court addressing the requirements for the mental element of the tort of misfeasance in public office.

25 August 2020 - Knowledge

‘From the company’ – can a third party payment be a preference?

#Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency, #Dispute Resolution & Litigation

A recent Victorian Court of Appeal decision clarifies when payments from a third party to a creditor can be considered a payment ‘from the company’ and thereby potentially voidable as a preference.

19 August 2020 - Knowledge

How to find solutions to stakeholder disputes in a climate of uncertainty

#Corporate & Commercial Law, #Dispute Resolution & Litigation

We are seeing, as you would expect in the current times, more disputes between shareholders, directors, partners and other stakeholders.