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Business increasingly depends upon technology to manage its most critical functions and as a result computer operations demand management, time and expertise and a significant proportion of many businesses’ budgets.  At the same time, large information technology projects are inherently risky and often fail. 

We advise on disputes arising under implementation contracts, outsourcing arrangements, software copyright, and licensing.  We have acted for IT suppliers and purchasers of IT across a broad range of industries, e-commerce companies, government departments and agencies and technology users of all types and sizes. 

Our expert information technology team advises on managing risk in contracting and contract management and IT and project related disputes.  Our approach to dispute resolution in this area is based on effective, innovative strategy and strong case management coupled with an in depth understanding of the technical aspects of information technology.  

Our experience includes:

  • representing a New South Wales state owned corporation in a claim over the installation of critical, billing software.  The claim was for in excess of $100 million in damages and was conducted in the Supreme Court of New South Wales; 
  • representing the consulting arm of a first tier accounting firm in relation to the development of a website for a travel company.  The claim was successfully resolved prior to litigation.  The claim involved consideration of contractual breach as well claims made under the Trade Practices Act;
  • representing the supplier of computer hardware systems in relation to the implementation of a billing software system for a Victorian utility.  The case involved claims for misrepresentation during the tender and selection process as well as contractual claims for breach;
  • representing the supplier of professional information technology services for the installation of SAP systems in relation to claims in negligence and contract in relation to installations of SAP systems; and
  • representing a global supplier of telephony software systems in relation to a project for the installation of systems for a telecommunications carrier in the Federal Court of Australia.  The claim involved allegations in relation to the selection process and contractual claims of breach.


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