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Holding Redlich is a full service commercial law firm and has the breadth and depth of expertise to advise you on issues that may be affecting your business due to COVID-19.   

We remain committed to continuing to provide the highest quality legal services to you and your business.


We understand how stressful these uncertainties are. We are prepared, available and ready to assist you in navigating any legal issues before and as they arise. Our offices remain open and we can talk to you in person or via Skype/Webex if that is your preference.


With the full impact of COVID-19 likely to play out for some months yet, you may have questions or concerns regarding the potential impact on your business. Please visit our COVID-19 Resource Centre for further information or contact a team member today.

Recent Posts

21 December 2020 - Knowledge

Another round of COVID-19 retail leasing and commercial leasing laws

#Property & Real Estate, #Dispute Resolution & Litigation, #COVID-19

NSW’s COVID-19 leasing laws are again being extended. Uncannily, this coincides with increases in community COVID-19 and state borders closing.

18 December 2020 - Knowledge

Emerging from COVID-19: Key insolvency reforms to commence in 2021 for small businesses

#Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency, #Dispute Resolution & Litigation, #COVID-19

From 1 January 2021, small businesses impacted by COVID-19 will be entitled to assisted restructuring and simplified liquidation processes under the federal government’s new Insolvency Reform Act.

08 December 2020 - Knowledge

Have yourself a merry little safe Christmas

#Workplace Relations & Safety, #COVID-19

We outline eight steps to help employers host a safe and incident-free Christmas work function.

24 November 2020 - Knowledge

Working from home: Employer not required to furnish home office with desk

#Workplace Relations & Safety, #COVID-19

The Fair Work Commission recently provided much needed guidance for COVID embattled employers, clarifying the lengths to which an employer is required to furnish an employee’s home office as a result of Government directives to work from home.

20 November 2020 - Knowledge

New South Wales begins weaning off COVID-19 rent relief

#Property & Real Estate, #COVID-19

The NSW Government will begin a weaning process for landlords and tenants for when the current C-19 rent moratorium ends on 31 December 2020.

11 November 2020 - Knowledge

The virus made me do it: Unfair dismissal and COVID-19 arrangements

#Workplace Relations & Safety, #COVID-19

The Fair Work Comission has ordered an employer to compensate an unfairly dismissed sales representative , after failing to appreciate the impact of COVID-19 arrangements on her employment.

10 November 2020 - Knowledge

COVID-19 economic crisis, class actions and funded litigation

#Dispute Resolution & Litigation, #COVID-19

We consider whether the economic crisis as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic will lead to a wave of class actions and funded litigation.

04 November 2020 - Knowledge

Force majeure and COVID-19 – is the pandemic enough?

#Dispute Resolution & Litigation, #COVID-19

A recent judgment from NSW highlights that it will not be enough to simply point to the pandemic as a complete basis for failing to meet contractual obligations.

04 November 2020 - Knowledge

Superannuation monthly update – October 2020

#Superannuation, Funds Management & Financial Services, #COVID-19

In this edition, we wrap-up key news, legislation, cases and other developments in superannuation in October.

28 October 2020 - Knowledge

COVID-19 and its impact on manufacturing supply chains – force majeure?

#Transport, Shipping & Logistics, #COVID-19

We take a look at the force majeure framework likely to come into play as a result of the global supply chain disruption caused by COVID-19.

27 October 2020 - Knowledge

Private school’s stand down invalidated

#Workplace Relations & Safety, #COVID-19

A recent Fair Work Commission decision confirms a reduction in work is not a valid reason for a private school to stand down three employees for ‘stoppage of work’ under the Fair Work Act.

23 October 2020 - Knowledge

NSW Government extends COVID-19 leasing protections

#Property & Real Estate, #COVID-19

The NSW Government has issued legislation extending the COVID-19 retail and commercial leasing relief . We outline what the legislation entails.