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Residential Focus

20 November 2019

#Property, Planning & Development

Published by:

Jeffery Shi

Residential Focus

Down to details: Review of the draft Building and Development Certifiers Regulation 2019

The Building and Development Certifiers Act 2018 (Act), which we summarised in a previous article, has received assent but is yet to commence. 

In anticipation of that, the New South Wales Government has released a public consultation draft of the Building and Development Certifiers Regulation 2019 (NSW)[1] (Proposed Regulation), exhibited from 30 September until 28 October 2019.

The Government has previously said that its aim is to finalise and publish the Proposed Regulation by December 2019 and seek to commence the new statutory scheme from 1 July 2020. 

What the Proposed Regulation does

The Proposed Regulation makes provision for a number of essential elements of the new legislative scheme dealing with:

  • classes of registration available and respective power to carry out certain works
  • qualification, skills and experience required for each class
  • applicable continuing professional development requirements
  • responsibility and independence of the certifiers
  • new accreditation authority framework for professionals to carry out regulated works
  • consumer protection in the contracts for certification work
  • higher penalty notice amounts.

New classes of registration

The Act requires building surveyors, building inspectors and engineers to be to be registered by the Secretary of the Department of Customer Service (Secretary). The categories of accreditation have changed from the former categories under the Building Professionals Act 2005. The table below shows the new class or registration compared with the former category of accreditation:

The Schedule 3 of the Proposed Regulation outlines the qualifications and experience required for each class of registration. The applicant must have the qualifications and experience at least equivalent to those specified, and first time applicants must complete a registration exam conducted by the Secretary.  Registered certifiers must complete the continuing professional development requirements.

The Secretary may also require applicants to have successfully completed recognised training under approved training program which are monitored by NSW Fair Trading, and the public consultation inquires whether the Secretary should be granted a discretion to require an applicant to complete additional training.

Expanded Responsibility

The Proposed Regulation redefines the certifiers’ responsibility by expanding the definition of the certification work to include supervision of works carried out by other certifiers if there are relevant conditions on the registration, and inserting a code of conduct which will attract penalty.

The code of conduct under the Proposed Regulation that applies to the registered certifiers includes a duty to:

  • act in public interest
  • abide by standards expected by the community
  • act within level of competence, expertise and area of registration
  • maintain satisfactory level of competence
  • avoid conflicts of interest
  • not misinform or mislead
  • obtain and consider all facts
  • document reasons for decisions
  • maintain confidentiality
  • ensure any certification work carried out under supervision is carried out competently.

Conflicts of interest and consumer protection

The new regime propose to restore the public confidence to the certifiers by enhancing their independence, as the Act prohibits the certifiers from carrying out certain works if they have a conflict of interest in the certification work. 

The Proposed Regulation prescribes three scenarios in which a registered certifier would be considered to have a conflict of interest:

  • if a certifier carrying out certification work in relation to an aspect of development provided advice on how to amend plans and specifications
  • if a certifier carrying out certification work in relation to an aspect of development proposed design options
  • if a certifier issuing a strata certificate in respect of a strata plan, strata plan of subdivision or notice of conversion prepared by him/herself or a person who he/she has relationship with.

The Proposed Regulation further requires the contracts for certification work to provide a declaration by the person who has the benefit of the certification that the person has freely chosen to engage the particular certifier, and have understand the certifier’s function and duty by reading any accompanying documents which include an information sheet published by the Secretary.

Next steps

If the Proposed Regulation is finalised and published by December 2019, the current certifiers would likely to have a six month transition period to obtain registration and update their standard contracts to comply with the new statutory scheme.

Author: Peter Holt & Jeffery Shi


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Australia Bureau of Statistics
08/11/2019 Lending to households and businesses, Australia, Sep 2019 (cat no. 5601.0)

Practice and courts

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Planning circular – Commencement of Part 6 (building and subdivision certification provisions)
FAQ - Occupation certificate
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Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979
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Florida Kitchens Pty Ltd v Number One Cutting (T/S Number One Marble and Granite) [2019] NSWSC 1568
APPEAL – security for costs – appeal from NCAT to Supreme Court – 106 grounds of appeal – decision of an Associate Justice – 30 grounds of appeal – whether appeal or judicial review – whether error of law – House v The King error

Wang v Building Professionals Board [2019] NSWCATOD 174
ADMINISTRATIVE REVIEW – accredited swimming pool certifier – lack of understanding of legislative requirements – finding of unsatisfactory professional conduct – appropriate penalty

Dyldam Developments Pty Ltd v The Owners – Strata Plan No 85305 (No 2) [2019] NSWCATAP 272
COSTS – appeal from Consumer and Commercial Division – whether r 38 and r 38A Civil and Administrative Tribunal Rules 2014 apply – whether appropriate order is order for costs in the cause

Vadasz v Charas Constructions Pty Ltd [2019] NSWCATCD 59
Residential building work – construction of a dwelling – defective and incomplete works – reliance on inspector’s report – s 48N of the Home Building Act - work order – scope of rectification works

Add-Vantage Systems Pty Ltd v Ameks Developments Pty Ltd [2019] NSWCATCD 57
HOME BUILDING – implied warranties – warranty that work will be reasonably fit for specified purpose or result



Bills revised following amendment in Committee – 15 November 2019
Design and Building Practitioners Bill 2019
Fines Amendment Bill 2019

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Published by:

Jeffery Shi

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