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Georgia Milne


Georgia is a corporate and commercial lawyer, advising clients across divergent sectors, from financial services, communications and information technology to agriculture, primary industries, government agencies and industry bodies.

Georgia’s practice and areas of expertise focus on commercial contracting and transactions, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, corporate governance and privacy and information law.


Georgia’s recent experience includes:

Mergers and Acquisitions 

  • advising a national stevedoring operator in the negotiation, sale and acquisition of a stevedoring company
  • advising a national construction hire business on their acquisition by a US-based conglomerate
  • advising a national agribusiness on the sale and acquisition by a foreign based agribusiness group

Privacy and data law

Advising various clients including an international data company in relation to:

  • data breaches, mandatory reporting and privacy obligations;
  • compliance with international privacy law including the EU General Data Protection Regulation; 
  • drafting privacy policies and internal policies and procedures to assist organisations to manage their privacy and data protection obligations. 

Commercial and Corporate Governance

  • assisting a global software company on their Australian corporate restructure and transitional arrangements
  • assisting a Singapore based private equity fund in the acquisition and structuring Australian investment interests
  • advising national and state industry representative bodies on corporate governance and regulatory obligations and internal restructures 
  • advising clients in relation to negotiating and drafting of commercial contracts, service agreements and licensing arrangements
  • advising clients on corporate governance, shareholding and venture structures and directors’ duties.


15 September 2020 - Knowledge

Are e-signing and virtual meetings here to stay?

#Corporate & Commercial Law, #COVID-19

An interim Senate report has recommended that temporary COVID changes to the Corporations Act, allowing for the use of electronic signatures and virtual shareholder meetings, be made permanent.

05 August 2020 - Knowledge

Relief extended for e-signing and virtual AGMs during COVID-19

#Corporate & Commercial Law, #COVID-19

Measures introduced in May 2020 to allow companies to both convene meetings and sign documents electronically will now be extended until March 2021.

22 July 2020 - Knowledge

The meaning of “consumer” is changing

#Competition & Consumer Law

From next July, many larger transaction customers will become entitled to the benefit of the consumer guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law, as the statutory value cap jumps to $100,000. How can businesses prepare for the change?

15 July 2020 - Knowledge

Advertising & Marketing Law: The vital importance of clearing pre-existing material (part 1)

#Technology, Media & Telecommunications

The use of celebrities, brands and other third party content in advertising is common, but not without risk. If you don’t take steps to properly clear and permission the material you use, you may be on the receiving end of expensive legal proceedings.

24 June 2020 - Knowledge

Director identification numbers are coming

#Corporate & Commercial Law

Over the next two years, multiple business registries will be consolidated into a single national register and identification numbers, designed to facilitate traceability, will become mandatory for company directors.

07 May 2020 - Knowledge

A green light to virtual AGMs and electronic signatures during COVID-19

#Corporate & Commercial Law, #COVID-19

Long awaited amendments to the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) took effect yesterday, giving companies the ability to run their AGMs electronically and to enable the use of electronic signatures

15 April 2020 - Knowledge

Ad Standards reiterates the importance of advertisements complying with community standards on health and safety

#Technology, Media & Telecommunications

A recent decision by the Ad Standards Community Panel confirms that even the smallest detail in an advertisement is important when considering compliance with prevailing community standards on health and safety.

11 February 2020 - Knowledge

New restrictions on director resignations and personal liability for GST introduced

#Corporate & Commercial Law

Long awaited reforms targeted at reducing illegal phoenix activities were passed by Parliament this week, with director accountability front and centre.

10 December 2019 - Knowledge

The bill is back – legislation on Director Identification Numbers resurrected

#Corporate & Commercial Law

The Government has reintroduced a lapsed legislation regarding registrations for Australian company directors. We outline what’s changed in this bill.

23 October 2019 - Knowledge

Privacy in 2019: Breaches are up but fines are down?

#Data & Privacy

In our last instalment on the IAPP EY 2019 Privacy Governance Report, we look at why enforcement actions don’t catch up with the high number of data breaches.

16 October 2019 - Knowledge

Privacy in 2019: A growing demand for individuals accessing their personal data

#Data & Privacy

Results from the 2019 Privacy Governance Report released by EY and the International Association of Privacy Professionals are telling. We deep dive into the chapter devoted to data subject requests, also known as data subject access requests, and consider what is happening in the US and the EU with individuals seeking access to their data and how it is impacting businesses.

09 October 2019 - Knowledge

Privacy in 2019: Who’s in your privacy team?

#Data & Privacy

In the second of our series on the IAPP EY Privacy Report, we look at the global trends and changing face of privacy management within organisations, and the long-running question of where privacy should, and does, fit within the executive management team.

30 September 2019 - Knowledge

Privacy in 2019: How does your privacy budget compare?

#Data & Privacy, #Technology, Media & Telecommunications

Over the next five weeks, we take a look at key takeaways from the recently released Privacy Governance Report. This week: Why privacy budgets need to increase to respond to the upsurge in regulation.

10 September 2019 - Knowledge

Data breach report shows human error a key risk factor as breach costs predicted to rise to $5 trillion by 2024

#Data & Privacy

The latest quarterly Notifiable Data Breach Report confirms that employees remain the weakest link when it comes to protecting personal information against unauthorised access and disclosure.

09 April 2019 - Knowledge

Financial reporting thresholds for large proprietary companies to increase

#Corporate & Commercial Law

Changes to the financial thresholds that determine when a private company is considered 'large' for reporting purposes were approved by Treasurer Josh Frydenberg on 5 April 2019.

02 April 2019 - Knowledge

ASIC industry funding levies for 2018-2019

#Corporate & Commercial Law

ASIC has this week released its estimated industry levies for the 2018-2019 period. We look at which industries are costing, and contributing, the most to ASIC’s regulatory costs and what levies you’ll be up for this year.

02 April 2019 - Knowledge

Hold on to your T&Cs, unfair contract terms to get even tougher

#Corporate & Commercial Law

The Federal Government has announced a proposal to further strengthen the small business unfair contracts regime. We look at the possibility for new penalties and a broader application of the regime.

02 April 2019 - Knowledge

ACCC releases draft rules for Consumer Data Right

#Data & Privacy

The ACCC has released the draft rules governing the implementation of Consumer Data Right – you have until 10 May 2019 to have your say.