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Eleanor has been a lawyer for almost 20 years and has a passion for delivering constructive practical solutions for clients. 

Eleanor specializes in providing legal services in areas of law that impact government clients at all levels, statutory authorities, government owned corporations and private clients. She is well known for her knowledge of the complex environment in which governmental agencies operate. 

She has an ability to think strategically and to give advice that is clear, concise to achieve commercially sound outcomes which are compliant with all applicable legislation As a regular traveler throughout Queensland from the Torres Strait to the state’s capital in Brisbane and having lived in regional and remote locations, Eleanor understanding of the challenges and opportunities for regional and remote clients as well as for clients along the eastern seaboard is extensive

Eleanor is a regular presenter at government focused conferences and forums and facilitates and delivers training programs on matters such as statutory compliance, conflicts of interest, probity and procurement and property and commercial contracting. 


Eleanor provides strategic legal advice to all levels of government, private clients, Indigenous corporations and health service providers on obligations and responsibilities, particularly within the public sector framework.

As a trusted adviser, Eleanor has also contributed to the community with a variety of board positions including Chair of Catholic Early Learning and Childcare, Chair of Centacare Cairns and Chair of Community Enterprise Queensland Finance Audit Risk and Governance Committee and the Northern Pride Rugby League Football Club.

Eleanor has and continues to provide pro bono advice to community organisations, not for profit sporting associations, public benevolent institutions and charitable organisations in many varied areas of law including legal structures and constitutions, deductible gift recipient endorsement, compliance with contractual obligations; enforcement and other relevant matters.

Eleanor’s significant experience includes:

Government advisory and public administration

  • advising and providing guidance on government policies, regulatory framework and government decision making processes to ensure transparency and accountability to achieve effective outcomes that withstand public scrutiny
  • public and administrative law including legislative interpretation, managing conflicts, compliance regime for government particularly in view of the recent Belcarra Reforms
  • expert advisor for government including in relation to budgets and financial reporting from a legal perspective, rates and charges, delegations and authorised person powers, local laws and enforcement, commercial and beneficial enterprises run by government agencies
  • conducted investigations into numerous complaints about Councillor conduct; drafted responses to the Crime and Corruption Commission and Conduct Tribunal; conducted investigation into workplace conduct 
  • advisory on compliance with applicable privacy legislative framework; investigations into privacy complaints; drafting and assisting with implementation of policies and procedures to ensure compliance with applicable State and Federal privacy legislation
  • advising and training on privacy and collection and use of sensitive health information for a number of Indigenous health agencies operating in remote locations
  • drafting confidentiality deeds; deed of indemnity and release and settlement and release documentation including with respect to termination of senior executive contracts
  • review of right to information applications, assessment of material for a number of government agencies particularly with respect to sensitive and highly political material held by the government agencies
  • advisory on corporate structures for not for profit government enterprises; incorporated associations; drafting Constitutions and Rules; incorporation of ASIC and CATSI public companies limited by guarantee.


  • procurement, probity and contracting with a specific focus on risk and compliance with government applicable procurement policies for a number of major infrastructure projects including waste management, resource recycling, civil construction; road works; water and community assets
  • drafting and advising on tender invitations, probity plans, evaluation plans and compliance with the procurement process; review audit reporting and investigations into procurement complaints
  • advisory on economic development; grants and funding applications and drafting agreements for public/private partnerships particularly in relation to education, renewable energy projects, carbon abatement and carbon farming and joint procurement activities
  •  drafting contracts with respect to provision of goods and services including for a number of Indigenous primary health care provider
  • advisory on all property related transactions including dealings with disposal of State land, commercial businesses, mining assets, intellectual property.

Property and development

  • advising on all aspects of real property including development and planning approvals under applicable planning regimes; land titling and document production
  • compliance with the statutory framework dealing with acquisition of land for public purposes including engagement with the Coordinator General for resumption of land for State priority projects such as dredging and flood mitigation projects
  • all property related transactions such as leasing, easements and covenants, public use land and native title claims and cultural heritage compliance
  • advising on and drafting agreements  in relation to emissions reduction fund, carbon abatement contracts with the Clean Energy Regulator and carbon farming initiatives, renewable energy and climate change particularly for indigenous local governments and corporations in Cape York
  • advising governments and private clients on addressing native title for future acts, drafting and negotiating Indigenous Land Use Agreements and Cultural Heritage Management Plans; dispute resolution in relation to complaints 
  • advising corporate clients including ASIC corporations, CATSI corporations and not for profit incorporated associations on company structures, directors duties, joint ventures, constitutions, contracts and charitable/not for profit status and endorsement as public benevolent institutions and deductible gift recipients
  • drafting all manner of legal documentation such as tender invitations, services agreements,  funding agreements, contracts, declarations, constitutions, local laws, property transactions, management and operational agreements, policies and procedures
  • pro bono advisory for many not-for-profit associations including cultural, community and sporting organisations.

Energy and resources

  • advising and preparing contracts for an electricity service provider on agreements for installation of electrical infrastructure such as substations, padmount transformers, solar farms and renewable energy pods, electric charging stations in regional Queensland
  • advising land holders and mining tenement holders with respect to land access including conduct and compensation agreements, native title, cultural heritage, indigenous land use agreements, independent tenement reports
  • advising local government with respect to local authority infrastructure and roads affected by mining activity including drafting and negotiating notifiable road use agreements to protect local government assets and facilities
  • advising with respect to strategic environmental areas, environmentally relevant activities, quarries and other extractive industries
  • drafting joint venture, services, farm-in, land access, notifiable road use and compensation agreements
  • acting in Land Court proceedings dealing with compensation, land access and environmental rehabilitation issues
  • obtaining governmental approvals for various activities on State land including the grant, renewal, assignment of mining leases, exploration permits and environmental authorities.


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