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Suzy is a projects and commercial lawyer with particular experience in project development and operational contracts in the ports, water, civil and commercial construction and resources sectors. She has experience both in Australia and overseas, and has advised government clients, principals, developers, contractors and operators on a wide range of major infrastructure projects.

Suzy has previously worked in-house as a European Counsel for an international port operator in Belgium, as Corporate Counsel for a Queensland water GOC and as in-house counsel on the feasibility stage of a major new coal project for an international miner. Known for her practical common sense approach and commerciality, Suzy understands the drivers behind getting the deal done. 


Suzy's experience includes:


  • drafting a design build operate contract for the Water and Carbon Group to present to the Darwin City Council as part of its tender submission for a leachate treatment facility. This project was complicated by its location in the vicinity of an old defence force training site and requiring interface with the existing operational landfill site
  • advising a joint venture landowner on Options for Easement, and related Easements on a major water pipeline project in Queensland, as well as a related pipeline relocation deed 
  • advising on international operator on a long-term operation and maintenance agreement in relation to four water treatment facilities in Queensland
  • advising a Queensland water GOC in relation to the Moranbah to Alpha pipeline tenders, and the procurement of pumps, for its Connors River Dam project in Queensland
  • advising the scheme operator on a complex operations and maintenance agreement for the Western Corridor Recycled Water Project in Queensland.


  • advising a private company on the development and operation of a proposed new marine terminal in Brisbane, including drafting shiplift agreements and various other commercial contracts
  • advising a port authority on access and competition issues relating to its export coal facilities, and drafting and negotiating related commercial contracts
  • advising an international port operator on front-end construction issues, including the construction of container terminal facilities in Asia, Europe and South America
  • advising a port authority on the novation of several leases and licences from one of its key mining tenants to another entity owned by that restructuring.


  • advising a national property fund manager holding over $9 billion assets on a major redevelopment of some of its Brisbane CBD properties, including negotiating a finance deed with Brisbane City Council
  • advising a major property developer on the redevelopment of one of its Brisbane CBD shopping centres
  • advising a major property developer on the works deed/finance documents and construction documents for the refurbishment of the pool area and terrace in a Brisbane CBD hotel
  • drafting, advising on and negotiating a mechanical and electrical construction alliance agreement for the main contractor on the Legacy Way project
  • advising Urbis Pty Ltd on its template terms and conditions for subconsulting on the Queens Wharf Brisbane project. This involved back-to-backing obligations from the main consultancy agreement with Destination Brisbane Consortium
  • advising the China Capital Investment Group on the $50 million redevelopment of the Daydream Island Resort, including drafting and negotiating contracts with its project manager and architect.


23 September 2020 - Knowledge

Challenges and opportunities for Queensland’s water infrastructure sector

#Construction & Infrastructure, #Planning, Environment & Sustainability

The Queensland water sector is facing major challenges presently and into the future, including climate change and ageing assets.

28 August 2020 - Knowledge

No licence, no problem…until now

#Construction & Infrastructure

Under the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 1991 (QBCC Act), an unlicensed person cannot legally carry out, or undertake (i.e., contract) to carry out, building work unless they hold a licence of the requisite class. If such a person is found to have carried out building work without the appropriate licence, their entitlement to payment is limited to specific amounts identified in the QBCC Act and no profit is claimable.

24 June 2020 - Knowledge

Is now the time for a change to “business as usual” in the construction industry?

#Construction & Infrastructure, #Procurement, #COVID-19

Disruptive events present opportunities for businesses to consider whether things can be done better. Now might be a suitable time for a change to contracting in the construction and infrastructure sector.

13 May 2020 - Knowledge

Fast-tracking construction and infrastructure projects through COVID-19

#Construction & Infrastructure, #COVID-19

With the construction industry likely being part of rebuilding the economy, we look at what plans are being made to fast-track projects to keep the industry moving.

03 July 2019 - Knowledge

Certifiers and professional indemnity insurance: Tough times ahead?

#Construction & Infrastructure

Building certifiers (or surveyors) have always had a bit of a love/ hate relationship with professional indemnity insurance, but now changes in the insurance industry might force some certifiers out of business. This will have serious implications for the whole construction industry.

24 June 2019 - Knowledge

Shergold Weir Report, non-conforming building products and the future of certifiers

#Construction & Infrastructure

The landmark Shergold Weir Report 'Building Confidence', which was made public by the Building Minister’s Forum in April 2018, recommended several important changes to the construction industry, some of which might have implications for certifiers generally. RPEQs should take note, as this might be a sign of things to come.

04 June 2019 - Knowledge

Will the new National Water Grid achieve its aims?

#Construction & Infrastructure

The new National Water Grid holds promise for opening up rural and regional Australia. But will it work?

26 March 2019 - Knowledge

Combustible cladding checklist: Final reminder

#Construction & Infrastructure

Relevant building owners have three days remaining to complete the first stage of the mandatory Safer Buildings ‘combustible cladding checklist’ to assess their building’s safety.

19 March 2019 - Knowledge

SEQ City Deal: Unlocking south east Queensland's local connections and global future

#Construction & Infrastructure

Last week saw an exciting step for the South East Queensland (SEQ) City Deal, with a landmark Statement of Intent signed and announced by all three levels of government on 15 March 2019 in Brisbane.