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"Australia is poised to become a supplier of premium food to the burgeoning populations in Australia’s immediate region."


Just as Australia’s mineral resources sector has become an indispensable component of Asia’s energy and resources mix, our national agribusiness sector faces an unparalleled opportunity for growth and investment by supplying those same markets with high yield, high quality food and fibre.

Government has expressly acknowledged that the recent trend of joint ventures and mergers between Australian and Asian businesses in the energy and resources sector also needs to become “absolutely routine” in the agribusiness sector during the next decade in order to maximise Australia’s potential to be a supplier of high quality premium produce to the region. At Holding Redlich, our experience in realising this potential in the energy and resources context, coupled with our working knowledge of Australia’s agricultural sector and primary industries, puts us in a unique position to help you turn that potential into commercial reality.

While agribusinesses and commodity traders from around the world are looking to Australia for investment opportunities, the market is not without its challenges. A high Australian dollar, uncertainty around the Carbon Tax, limited access to water and under-investment in road and rail infrastructure are all complicating factors that give a number of other markets a competitive advantage in attracting investment.

We know your business, we understand where the challenges lie, and we have the expertise to help you realise your growth potential. We want to help you manage your risk profile and to guide you through the many uncertainties facing agribusinesses today.

Legal expertise

We can provide you with strategic advice, and facilitate your initiatives in respect of:

  • vertical integration – becoming more than just a bulk commodities exporter by realising the benefits of value adding prior to export
  • risk management – diversifying your interests by geography and commodity, and allocating risks between joint venture partners
  • infrastructure development and delivery, operation and maintenance
  • finance, mortgages, securities (real estate and personal property), insolvency and debt restructuring
  • pastoral and occupancy leasing and share-farming arrangements, and contracting out farm operations
  • documenting partnership, trust and company structures for property ownership and management
  • statutory resumptions, mining interests, and compulsory acquisitions including valuation issues
  • land titling including leasehold conversions and easements
  • water rights, water access and irrigations, bores and surface area licences
  • sales and acquisitions, planning and environmental advice
  • FIRB (foreign investment review board) applications
  • conservation and biodiversity
  • funding by debt or equity
  • intellectual property protection and information technology issues
  • OH&S (occupational health & safety) and employment contracts, workplace safety
  • dispute resolution
  • cultural, heritage and Native Title issues
  • sourcing skilled labour, including residency and migration related matters
  • estate planning, succession issues, intergenerational farm transfers.



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