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Ursula McBride

Senior Associate - Melbourne

Areas of Expertise

Personal Injury


Ursula McBride is a Senior Associate at Adviceline Injury Lawyers and is an expert in Victorian and Commonwealth work-related injury claims. She also has significant experience in claims for public place injuries.

Assisting injured workers became a passion for Ursula when she recognised that employers were not proactively improving working conditions to prevent injuries to workers. She has also identified that growing community awareness around mental illness has resulted in a significant increase to workers reporting psychological injuries as a result of workplace bullying and harassment.

Ursula is passionate about providing injured clients with clear and practical guidance about their compensation entitlements.

Ursula is a member of the Australian Lawyers Alliance and has been a long-standing Representative on their Victorian committee. Her role on the committee has included actively lobbying the government to amend injury legislation to improve outcomes for all injured Victorians.


Prior to joining Adviceline Injury Lawyers, Ursula worked for a specialised personal injury firm, where she assisted clients injured in work, motor vehicle and public liability accidents. She also helped injured claimants with superannuation lump sum and income protection benefit claims.

Ursula has extensive experience running personal injury litigation and has been involved in numerous settlements, including:

  • helping an injured Victorian worker establish that he has suffered a permanent and significant physical injury as result of his employment at court. The judge in the case accepted that the physical restrictions on the worker, such as his inability to lift and play with his children, perform his chosen career, undertake domestic duties and engage in his ordinary recreational activities, all combined to have a profound impact on his life. Ursula then assisted the worker obtain compensation
  • assisting a nurse working in an aged care facility who suffered an injury to her right shoulder. Ursula assisted the worker to issue court proceedings to fight for her right to pursue compensation for her loss of income. At the time the application came before the court, the worker was 66 years of age. The Court accepted the worker’s evidence that she would have continued to work, but for her injuries. Ursula then assisted the worker obtain lump sum compensation
  • assisting an injured Victorian worker who was engaged in caring for people with disabilities, satisfy the test for a serious injury through court proceedings. The worker had suffered three injuries to the same body part, with only one of those injuries occurring as a result of her employment. When assessing the case, the judge took into account the significant impact of the injury on her mobility, undertake domestic duties, and engage with her family and in other social relationships and the loss of her long held retirement dream of travelling around Australia in a campervan with her husband. Ursula then assisted the worker obtain compensation for the ongoing consequences of her injury
  • successfully pursuing compensation for a claimant who badly injured her knee in a public liability incident on a motorised ride at a themed restaurant
  • assisting a claimant successfully pursue compensation for a nasty injury after he tripped on a faulty flooring and consequently fell onto a wet concrete surface and then into a ticketing barrier at a large Victorian Train Station.
  • assisting a vulnerable teacher who sustained a severe psychiatric injury as a result of being sexual assaulted by her supervisor obtain a large lump sum settlement
  • assisting an injured worker successfully pursue the acceptance of his work related psychiatric injury through court proceedings. The insurer initially rejected his claim on grounds that the injury had been caused mainly by reasonable management action. The worker gave evidence over several days before the insurer withdrew their decision to his reject his claim and reinstated all of his entitlements
  • assisting a Commonwealth worker overturn the decision of Comcare to reject her claim in relation to a psychiatric injury through proceedings in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. The claim ultimately resolved on the basis that Comcare pay the worker over 5 years of past wages together with payment of her reasonable medical and like expenses.