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Employers need to be aware of the privacy protections that apply to monitoring and surveillance in the workplace and the importance of policies and procedures in this area. Our specialist Workplace Relations Group has significant experience advising employers on a range of privacy issues.

Legal expertise:

  • drafting workplace guidelines relating to monitoring and surveillance of computers, telecommunications, vehicles and the workplace
  • advising on workplace investigations and the use of surveillance
  • advising on the implementation of policies involving privacy issues including Social Media policies and Computer Use policies
  • advising on investigations and disciplinary processes which involve access to personal information
  • advising on corporate transactions which involve access by third parties to employee and contractor records, for example in a due diligence
  • advising on pre-litigation investigations involving surveillance of former employees or obtaining telecommunication records.

Our experience:

  • Advising a national advertising organisation on the surveillance of a former employee
  • Drafting various policies for a national business consistent with workplace surveillance laws in a number of jurisdictions
  • Drafting policies for a national radio network regarding Social Media and Computer Use
  • Advising a national infrastructure business about its obligations to disclose personal information of employees during a due diligence
  • Working with forensic investigators to obtain admissible evidence for litigated claims against former employees or business competitors.

Key People

Charles Power | Melbourne
Benjamin Marshall | Melbourne 
Stephen Trew
| Sydney
Michael Selinger
| Sydney
Rachel Drew | Brisbane

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