A transformation in the workplace as flexible work rates rise

25 September 18 - Media Release

National law firm Holding Redlich is pleased to report that it has seen a significant boost in the number of staff working flexibly in the last five years, as a result of a range of dedicated policies and programs.

The percentage of female partners working flexibly has grown from 6.67 per cent in 2013 to 25 per cent in 2018. The number of overall legal staff (male and female) working flexibly grew from 8.73 per cent to 16.43 per cent.

And the overall increase in flexible working arrangements in place at the firm for males and females, including legal staff and non-legal staff, has grown from 15.79 per cent in 2013 to 21.46 per cent this year.

Flexible working arrangements can include work from home days, part-time work, job sharing, or a variation in standard start and finish times.

National Managing Partner Ian Robertson said these figures demonstrate that the firm is committed to supporting its staff as they juggle their professional and personal commitments.

“We have seen a real change in our workforce over the last five years with some significant increases in the number of staff who are working flexibly,” Ian said.

“We have introduced a range of initiatives and programs in recognition of the fact that it is important to support our staff in their professional lives as they adapt to and deal with the demands of their personal lives – the opportunity to work flexibly is a core part of this.” 

For some sectors of the firm, the growth has been slower, but positive trends are evident. For instance, five years ago no male partners at the firm worked flexibly, but now 2.27 per cent do so. 

Head of People and Development Helen Ayres said that introducing a flexible work arrangement can result in a positive outcome for both the individual and the firm: “Working flexibly may be the assistance that our employees need to best find that balance between work and personal life, assist a family member in need, or keep on track with their young family. And we find that this has a positive flow on to an employee’s work life.”

How flexible work works: Ben McKinley, senior associate, Workplace Relations & Safety

With two young sons – nine week old Xavier and two year old Zac – Ben finds working from home each Wednesday is an effective way to help manage his week from both a personal and professional perspective. 

“Working from home means I save an hour and a half commuting each day and it is flexible if I need to change my days around for client commitments,” Ben said. 

“It also means I can take my eldest son to swimming lessons and bond with him. And if my wife needs a break then I can help her also. From a family perspective it certainly helps take off some of the pressure and gives me better balance between work and family time.”

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