Inside track: Healthcare

07 November 2018

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Inside track: Healthcare

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Waiting for better care: why Australia’s hospitals and health care is failing
Australia has a good health system by international standards, but it has to get better. Half of all patients across Australia wait more than a month for an elective hospital procedure, such as a hip replacement. This is in addition to waiting for an outpatient visit so they can be added to the elective procedure wait list. The Grattan Institute’s State Orange Book 2018 charts the performance, maps a route to improvement, and recommends penalties for states that fail to meet waiting list targets (30 October 2018).  More...

AMA warns that second-best mandatory reporting laws will not be good enough
The AMA is warning that the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law Amendment (Tranche 1A) Bill, agreed by Health Ministers at the COAG Health Council on 12 October, and introduced in the Queensland Parliament, must not be a second-best solution that may not protect the health of doctors (29 November 2018).  More...

Big tobacco targets teens with ‘disturbing’ flavoured cigarettes
Teenagers are being lured to smoke cigarettes flavoured with menthol and clove in a 'disturbing' new trend, according to smoking prevention experts (29 October 2018).  More...

New laws protect Queensland’s mine workers
Parliament has backed maximum penalties close to $4 million for mining companies that fail to keep their workers safe. Under changes to the Coal Mining Safety and Health Act 1999 and the Mining and Quarrying Safety and Health Act 1999 the state’s mines inspectors will now have more powers to take direct action on health and safety issues (31 October 2018).  More... 

Doctors call for urgent statewide fluoride fix
The Australian Medical Association (AMA) Queensland demanded decisive action at last month's Local Government Association of Queensland Annual Conference in Brisbane to resolve an impasse between councils and State Government over drinking water fluoridation (30 October 2018).  More...

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