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Inside track: Transport, Shipping & Logistics

29 January 2019

#Transport, Shipping & Logistics

Inside track: Transport, Shipping & Logistics

In the media

New South Wales vehicle charging infrastructure plan to encourage EV uptake
The Australian Logistics Council has welcomed details of the New South Wales Government’s plan for electric and hybrid vehicles, saying the rollout of reliable charging infrastructure on key routes will be essential to encourage the uptake of electric freight vehicle (24 January 2019).  More...

NHVR: New B-double notice to deliver productivity benefits
A new National Class 2 Heavy Vehicle B-double Notice will start on 1 February, delivering productivity benefits for the 19,000 B-doubles operating across Australia, according to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (24 January 2019).  More...

Governance review focuses on road safety
Another step was taken this week in actioning the 12 recommendations made by the National Road Safety Strategy 2011-2020 Inquiry according to the Federal Government (23 January 2019).  More...

ATA recommends no-blame safety investigations be included in Governance Review
The National Road Safety Governance Review, according to the Australian Trucking Association (ATA), should consider the provision of independent, no-blame safety investigations for road crashes involving heavy vehicles (24 January 2019).  More...

HVNL Review: Terms of reference and expert panel announced
The Transport and Infrastructure Council has approved the terms of reference for the Heavy Vehicle National Law Review and appointed a panel of experts to guide the review. Transport ministers have also appointed a panel of experts with expertise in productivity and experience across the transport sector to guide the review. Read the government statement here (21 January 2019).  More...

Rest stop standards must be enforced, ATA says
The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has welcomed Austroads’ guidelines that aim to address a number of key driver concerns. The research report, Guidelines for the Provision of Heavy Vehicle Rest Area (HVRA) Facilities, was developed in response to calls for updated standards and will assist in the planning, design and prioritisation of truck rest areas (22 January 2019).  More...

New guidelines for the provision of heavy vehicle rest areas
Austroads has released guidelines to help road managers assess the need and prioritisation for heavy vehicle rest areas (HVRAs) and help road managers plan for and design HVRAs as part of their planning activities (17 January 2019).  More...

Published – articles, papers, reports

Guidelines for the Provision of Heavy Vehicle Rest Area Facilities
Ausroads, AP-R591-19: 16 January 2019
Heavy Vehicle Rest Areas (HVRAs) are provided to help heavy vehicle drivers manage fatigue and comply with driving hours regulation. To aid road managers in this task, Austroads has produced Guidelines for the Provision of Heavy Vehicle Rest Area Facilities.

NTC Newsletter On the Road Issue 51: 23 January 2019
​On the Road provides important information on the heavy vehicle industry, including the latest NHVR news and events, relevant law and policy changes, and resources to help industry members comply with the HVNL.

In practice and courts

NHVR: National Class 2 Heavy Vehicle B-double Notice  
Aims to harmonise requirements for operators nationally and will start on February 1, and is an update on the existing document and aligns B-double requirements across states and territories, including general access for 50-tonne, 19-metre vehicles, which are commonly used to transport fuel. The new notice is part of the current round of the NHVR’s National Harmonisation Program. The full operator’s guide can be found here (24 January 2019).

NHVR: National Class 3 Drought Assistance Dimension Exemption Notice 2018
The National Class 3 Drought Relief Dimension Exemption Operators Guide operates in conjunction with the national drought notice and includes important information such as network references and commodity types.  More...

HVNL Review: Terms of reference
The Transport and Infrastructure Council has approved the terms of reference for the Heavy Vehicle National Law Review. The National Transport Commission (NTC) will meet with the expert panel at the end of January 2019 and will provide more information on how the review will be conducted after this meeting (21 January 2019).  More...

Commonwealth Senate Consultations 2019
The policy, regulatory, taxation, administrative and funding priorities for Australian shipping
Date referred: 5 December 2018
Reporting date: 13 August 2019

NTC driver distraction and the Australian road rules
The National Transport Commission (NTC) released an issues paper for public comment with the aim of further exploring questions around responsibility for driver distractions, technologies that can assist and distract from the driving task, and prescriptive versus performance-based approaches. The paper is open for comment until 14 February 2019. Submissions can be made via the NTC website. Following the receipt of submissions, the NTC will develop a discussion paper outlining possible solutions for release in June 2019.

HHVR: Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative (HVSI): Round 4 funding
Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative (HVSI) encourages applications that identify risks and seek opportunities to improve heavy vehicle safety to reduce road trauma and save lives. Applications for round four funding are open until February 22 2019 and must be implementable and able to start in the 2019-20 financial year for completion by June 30 2022. More information and submission guidelines can be found here

Modernising Australia’s fatigue rules - Proposed CAO 48.1 Instrument 2019 - (CD 1811OS)
Closes 10 February 2019
The proposed CAO 48.1 Instrument 2019 will repeal and replace CAO 48.1 Instrument 2013, CAO 48.1 Amendment Instrument 2016 (No 1) and the older fatigue rules. The consultation will ask questions on the proposed changes to CAO 48.1.  More... 

AMSA Consultation - Electrical safety on vessels
Closes 28 February 2019
Have your say on the National Standard for Commercial Vessels (NSCV) Part C5B—Design and Construction—Engineering—Electrical. This provides standards for the design, construction, installation, and repair of electrical installations for vessels. It must be read in conjunction with NSCV Part B—General Requirements.  More...

AMSA: Float-free EPIRBS
Amendments to Marine Order 503 (Certificates of survey) and the National Standard for Commercial Vessel (NSCV) came into effect from 1 January 2019, following the decision to make float-free EPIRBs mandatory on certain domestic commercial vessels by 1 January 2021. There is a two year transitional period to allow owners to upgrade their equipment (21 January 2019).  More...

Update to certificates of survey and related exemptions
From 13 December 2018, all certificates issued for a vessel survey, Exemption 2 - Non-survey and Exemption 40 - Class C restricted, will no longer include the name of the certificate holder. These certificates and exemptions allow a vessel to operate commercially in Australia (21 January 2019).  More...

AMSA: 2019 Edition of the National Plan
The 2019 version of the National Plan for Maritime Environmental Emergencies is now available. This document recognises the need to develop and maintain a shared responsibility; and the commitment of all stakeholders in order to continue to provide timely and effective response, including making available equipment and trained personnel as and when needed, both domestically and internationally (14 January 2019).  More...

AER Day Ahead Auction Record Keeping Guideline commences in March 2019
The Day Ahead Auction Record Keeping Guideline as required under the new Part 24 and 25 of the Gas Rules was published on November 22nd. These new rules establish a Capacity Trading Platform and a Day Ahead Auction and will commence 1 March 2019.



Gazetted 24 January 2019

Heavy Vehicle National Law - Guideline for excess dimension agricultural vehicles and agricultural combinations
The purpose of this notice is to extend the operation of a notice issued under a former corresponding law for the Heavy Vehicle National Law. Specifically, this notice extends the operational period of the original Queensland Form 14 so that it will continue in force until revoked and replaced fully by a national notice under the Heavy Vehicle National Law.

Queensland Class 3 Heavy Vehicle Additional Concessional Mass Limits Exemption Notice 2019 (No.1)
The purpose of this notice is to exempt a stated category of Class 3 Heavy Vehicles from specified prescribed mass requirements in the Heavy Vehicle (Mass, Dimension and Loading) National Regulation (the National Regulation) to permit such vehicles additional mass under the concessional mass limits.

Queensland Class 3 Heavy Unloaded Trailer and Converter Dolly Dimension Exemption Notice 2019 (No.1)
The purpose of this notice is to exempt Class 3 Heavy Vehicles that are semitrailers towed behind road train rated prime movers from the prescribed height dimension requirement in section 8(d) of Schedule 6 of the Heavy Vehicle (Mass, Dimension and Loading) National Regulation 2013 (the National Regulation). 

Queensland Class 3 Livestock Loading Exemption Notice 2019 (No.1)
This notice provides mass dimension exemptions that support the Queensland Livestock Loading Scheme. It is intended to work with the Queensland Livestock Loading Scheme, and compliance with that scheme is a condition of the exemptions contained in this notice. 

Queensland Class 3 Heavy Vehicle (Indivisible Item) Dimension Exemption Notice 2019 (No.1)
This notice provides dimension exemptions that allow specified Heavy Vehicles to carry large indivisible items. It replaces elements of the Queensland Guideline for Excess Dimension - Vehicles Carrying Indivisible Articles, Special Purpose Vehicles, Vehicles that require a Pilot or Escort in Queensland, Form 4.


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