Inside track: Healthcare

12 November 2018

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Inside track: Healthcare

In the media

AMA: Amendments strengthen the safety and privacy of the My Health Record
AMA President, Dr Tony Bartone, said that the AMA supports the Government’s proposed amendments to the My Health Record Act, which address concerns raised by the AMA, especially around privacy, confidentiality, and access by insurers (07 November 2018).  More...

No place for exaggeration in advertising medicines
The advertising of medicines in Australia is subject to strict controls. The new Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code, due to commence on 1 January 2019, emphasises the importance of truthfulness and accuracy in all claims made in advertising for medicines, and the need for advertising to support consumers’ informed decision making (04 November 2018).  More...

More mental health support for veterans
New initiatives to improve the treatment and management of mental health concerns among Australia’s servicemen and women will be funded by the Australian Government (03 November 2018).  More...

AMA blasts NRAS review consultation
The Australian Medical Association(AMA) has described a consultation by the COAG Health Council on the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (NRAS) as a 'squandered opportunity' (02 November 2018).  More...

Opioid harm in Australia and comparisons between Australia and Canada
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
Opioid use and its associated harms is an issue of great public health interest, both within Australia and internationally. This report shows that opioid harms are an issue in both Australia and Canada. Rates of opioid deaths and opioid poisoning hospitalisations in Australia increased in the last 10 years (9 November 2018).  More...

WorkCover Queensland: Supplementary IME Panel tender for neurologists
Following the appointment of medical specialists to our Independent Medical Examination (IME) Panel in July 2018, WorkCover Queensland is opening a supplementary tender for additional neurologists to support demand for patient referrals (02 November 2018).  More...

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